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IT Support That Frees
You Up to Focus on
What You Do Best

//IT SUPPORT On Every Level
Empowering CEOs
by helping craft an IT strategy around their vision.
Empowering Managers
by increasing team productivity and a smooth tech environment.
Empowering Team Members
to achieve more with less down time and a responsive IT team.

You know your IT isn't working when …

IT issues take up too much of your time

IT done right means things work without a lot of oversight. That's where our onboarding project teams come in to take those tasks off your plate.

Your team avoids your IT partner

If your teams tend to avoid calling IT, then your problems are going to snowball. Having a partner your people trust keeps chaos from killing productivity.

Your IT is putting limits on your strategy

Your IT partner has to understand more than just tech, they need to grasp what you're really trying to accomplish – you don't need an IT strategy, you need a partner with a business strategy.


Experts in Your Industry

We understand the goals you're aiming for and are trained to support the software applications you use on a daily basis to run your business.

All Your Data Under Your Control

We create a solid documentation process of IT data and critical passwords with real time access in case of a disaster.

Predictable Flat Rate Pricing

Let’s get back to some old school philosophies: We only do well if you do well. Flat rate and predictable pricing.

24/7 In-House Support Team

We’re available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team and tools are always on alert. Always monitoring your business even while you sleep.

100% Locally Owned & Operated

When it comes to protecting your privacy and data, we don’t mess around. We're 100% locally owned and operated, which means no outsourcing.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee we’ll move you from a fire-fighting state with your IT to a stable and proactive state within 60 days or you get 100% of your money back – guaranteed!

Peace of Mind for Small Businesses

// our clients

What People Are Saying

Emilia Clarke
­­­­­Angie McCullough
They provide fast response time for our team.
“This is a great bunch of guys. Always quick to jump on any problem I throw at them. They are responsive, helpful, professional and I really like dealing with all of them mainly when they laugh at my jokes.”
Emilia Clarke
­­­­­Clarence White
Chief Information Officer
They add value to every service they provide.
“Whether it is infrastructure engineering, software development, consulting services or even commodity product procurement, you can be assured of excellence and integrity. Two thumbs up for Technagy!”
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Our Managed IT Services become very affordable between around 10 employee companies and up. If you’re a smaller company, it depends how critical your data is for your business. Don’t leave IT security and protecting your data up to chance.

When your business is needing more technology integration

When you can no longer maintain your own updates, monitoring and patches

If you don't have a good IT documentation process

If you're concerned about getting hit by a ransomware attack

// ready for some real peace of mind?

Our team of IT
experts is ready to take on your IT needs.

Book a 30-minute call with one of our co-founders to get easy answers to your IT questions – no commitments, no pressure.

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Choosing an IT partner is a big step with long term implications for your business. Our recently published report, 21 Critical Questions Every Business Should Ask Their IT Company Before Signing A Contract For Support, is a deep dive into what to look for in an IT provider, what questions to ask, and what red flags to be looking for.

Even if you aren’t looking to make a change right now, this report will arm you with insider information and critical questions you should ask any IT consultant BEFORE giving them access to your computer network.

// our process


Assess your IT Needs

We’ll hop on a call so we can get to know you and your business, gathering the information we need to start our analysis.

Create your custom IT Strategy

Our leadership will lay out a plan that fits your IT needs and solves your current IT challenges within your IT budget.

Implement your new IT Service Plan

Allow our team of tech wizards to do the heavy lifting for a truly painless transition, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Our team of IT experts are ready to take on your IT needs.

Book a 15-minute call with one of our co-founders to get easy answers to your IT questions – no commitments, no pressure.