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If you want your foremen to be free to focus on what they do best, it’s time to evolve beyond your biggest productivity hurdles by digitizing your processes. 

As the demand for immediate, reliable solutions grows, so do your IT needs for increased productivity and security. Our team of experts will examine your systems and determine the best way to set up and optimize your infrastructure to proactively address common IT issues and streamline your overall project management needs. 

Our dedicated teams offer both remote and on-site support. By getting us involved at the ground level you can maximize productivity and streamline your jobs.

Your Goals, Achieved
Meeting key deadlines is critical and our full-service IT support can help you avoid expensive delays and complete your project completion goals.
Fast Response Time
On a job, every second counts. Our technicians are alway available with lighting fast response times to maximize your uptime and keep things moving.
Technology Modernization
The tech that makes your business work is always evolving. We keep you up to date on the most reliable and effective solutions available today.


Engineered Wall Systems of Texas is a nationwide firm of contractors, planners, and designers offering custom design building enclosure services for commercial, industrial, and public sector projects. Located in the heart of Fort Worth, TX, EWS Texas has been a client since 2017 leveraging our managed services and project services for the last 4 years. Make sure to check out their testimonial video below for more insight into our partnership.

One of our biggest challenges has been to incorporate technology into our industry. All of our superintendents in the field have different means of accessing information; whether it’s phones, or laptops, or tablets … Technagy has helped us incorporate that company-wide as well as track all the information related to that. Technagy treats us as a priority—anything we need, whether it’s setting up an employee profile for a new guy we have starting, or it’s … “our server just crashed” and everything’s stopped and we need immediate help. Technagy’s always been there to jump in and help when we need it.

Travis Rausch
Operations Manager
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