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Downtime is the worst enemy of manufacturing companies. You need systems that run at maximum efficiency to ensure productive and consistent levels of output. 

With proper resource management tools, you can eliminate wasteful practices while improving operations. Our team of professionals will evaluate your systems and operations to ensure they utilize reliable and efficient tech solutions and are optimized to protect you against unexpected production interruptions and workflow bottlenecks.

We’re here to make sure you never have to sit back and watch helplessly as your operation grinds to a halt.

Fast Response Time
You can't afford to wait on tech support. We streamline your processes and systems and our tech support team is available any time you need them.
Increased Uptime
From workforce management to metrics and reporting, your software systems should be a key asset in helping you keep product running to achieve your goals.
Internet of Things
We connect your world to world class technology systems to optimize your efficiency and eliminate barriers to success.


Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense is an AS9100 registered facility that manufactures electrical wiring harnesses, ignition leads and flexible metal conduit for the commercial airline and defense industries. Technagy IT was brought on to manage their IT needs 24/7 and had an office at their location. Technagy IT led the transformation of their technology architecture to a Cisco Meraki cloud infrastructure and reduced their IT issues and downtime by 70%. Our relationship is one of strong partnership, collaboration, and success.

In 2020, CIA&D was acquired by kSARIA. Their organization decided to bring their IT in house. Great company!

We tried to do IT in-house … it didn’t work well for us. We had so many daily problems with emails or just being able to access files … it seemed we were losing a lot of work time just waiting for IT to get us back up and running again. Since Technagy came on board, we don’t see that anymore. Our issues are very, very few..and the ones we do have, Technagy is on it. Our systems are upgraded and we have the capability of [sending large files] and we can encrypt our emails, which when we have to follow ITAR requirements and other secure requirements, it makes our customers very happy that we’re capable of doing that, which allows us the opportunity for more business. 

Sam Symonds
President & CEO
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