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When you run an organization that’s helping to make the world a better place, it’s impossible to have IT issues right? Sadly … that’s far from the truth.

We know that the use of resources is particularly important for non-profit organizations and oftentimes, complications with technology systems, communications, and logistics can be the biggest hurdle in accomplishing the good work that you’re trying to do.

Our team of experts will evaluate your systems and needs and determine the best way to set up and optimize your infrastructure. Our Managed IT Services is a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure that your costs stay fixed and systems keep running so you can focus on the good work you’re doing in the world.

Fast Response Time
No headaches or crisis moments to pull you away from your work. Our team of tech wizards are on call 24/7/365 to quickly resolve any issues that come up and keep your staff working.
Data Security
Keeping your records and data safe, updated, and easily accessible should not be a full-time job. We’ll help you set up and manage the precise information management systems you need.
IT Modernization
We help move nonprofits to a more modern workplace with state of the art data an security systems that simply work, while staying on a budget that make sense for your organization.


Since 2012, Salvation Army, a global non-profit, has leveraged Technagy IT’s professional project services across the state of Texas. In collaboration with their Texas IT Team, we’ve helped lead the transformation of their network infrastructure to Cisco Meraki to over 37 locations. We’ve deployed surveillance systems across multiple locations and helped with their procurement needs by providing equipment purchasing services through our trusted suppliers such as Ingram Micro and Tech Data. One of our first clients that gave us a chance to service them in their IT. We’re still working together to this day.

More and more, businesses really rely on having valuable technology assets and the best assets are people who know and understand the needs of the business and the needs of the equipment. Technagy has been there when we needed them and delivered the right products for the right prices in a reliable and dependable way. When they agree to do something, like the Salvation Army, they don’t go home till the job is done.

Robert Brockus
Divisional IT Manager, Texas
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