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6 Key Managed IT Services

Curious as to what managed IT services are and how they can help make your business better? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand how they can help your business run more efficiently and save you money over time. At its core managed services are about providing complete IT management, turning a point of concern into a something you can rely on. It’s about getting in front of your IT situation and being proactive first, while providing the reactive services most people associate with IT support. For us, there are six services we like to look at: IT Monitoring, Proactive Administration, IT Help Desk, IT Strategy, Network Security, and Strategic Projects. By building on these pillars know how to provide the best IT support in Dallas possible.

IT Strategy

To have the right foundation, companies need to move from a transactional relationship with their IT vendor to a much more relational partnership. Strategy, discussion, and deliberation needs to be welcomed to create the right IT environment. To do that effectively, your IT environment needs to be assessed regularly. It’s a critical aspect of our services. And it’s a coordinated effort to audit and find blind spots, and strategically close those gaps. By gathering analytics and working together with your business we can achieve long term success through building roadmaps and proper budgeting, elevating our clients and helping them move their business forward.

Proactive Administration

Having a proactive administration team means that you’re moving from a reactive state in your business, to a more proactive posture. Recurring tickets are being created automatically to handle the mundane tasks that are required to keep things running smoothly. Such as keeping track of backups, updates, and everything else that needs to run behind the scenes. We create and manage the checklists, so there’s one less thing on the plate of the client.


A key for continued success in managed services is having an excellent monitoring strategy and platform. With the power of a dedicated staff committed to full time monitoring, if there’s a system issue we’ll know before you do. A commitment to this is exemplified in the software and systems put in place to create a full-time monitoring solution via a managed service provider. Our expertise and experience combined with innovative solutions means that issues are noticed instantly, and solutions can be executed rapidly, at a moment’s notice.

Network Security

Any managed IT services company will know that information security is critical. We live in a world where protection goes from computers and through every user that touches them. Ensuring that your business has a cybersecurity plan that’s right for you is key. In addition to maintaining security updates on devices and ensuring networks are protected properly, we work with your staff to train and prepare them for possible phishing threats, scams and more. With our tools, we are in the DarkWeb 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Keeping an eye out for any critical company information that may make its way there. Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury. By proactively monitoring network, we help make sure that you’re covered and have the highest uptime.

IT Help Desk

Of course, not every issue is something that can be monitored, and, in that case, a knowledgeable and responsive help desk team can make all the difference in providing a managed IT service experience that provides employees and management a team they can lean on for all their IT challenges. Our team is focused on providing the right solution quickly and communicating throughout the process to ensure success. This, combined with multiple ways for clients to reach out puts the client first and ensures a positive experience for every interaction with our team.

Strategic Projects

When it comes to projects, there are three major goals that we live by. Be on time, stay within budget, and communicate well. Whenever you’re taking on a strategic approach to IT, there will often be projects that will be needed to help achieve your IT goals. It’s important to budget and plan for those based on the highest priority of needs. Being a managed services client, you’ll get that experience with us through our strategy meetings. In some cases, we take on projects from outside our existing managed service clients. We work on many different projects, all range, and sizes. And with our years of experience in IT and construction, you have a team that you can lean on, no matter what your IT project is.

As you can see, managed IT services are about taking the multiple points of a great IT team and allowing established experts to take the burdens it entails off your shoulders as a small business owner. In addition to those major factors, we look to provide additional valuable services: Reporting to help make sense of what your IT service looks like, product procurement and warranty management to help make equipping your team easy, and vendor management, to ensure a smooth process when working with Microsoft, Apple, and other major venders you need for your business. This is what we can do to build your business, and ultimately live up to our motto of “Empowering You”.



Dealing with your company’s IT can be a confusing & stressful nuisance. We are here to take that issue off your plate with a strong work ethic, open communication, years of experience, and a likable spirit that you don’t dread reaching out to.

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