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A Checklist to Follow Prior to Contacting Your IT Services Provider in Dallas For Help

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Ruling Out Issues You Can Fix On-Site

IT services providers in Dallas can build a network from the ground up, so for businesses in need, they offer clear solutions when bugs manifest in a given network. That said, there are plenty of things a business can do on-site to fix tech issues prior calling in the “heavy artillery”.

Steps to Take

If you know what’s wrong, you might be able to fix the issue prior contacting IT. Consider these steps if network devices are malfunctioning:

Sleep Mode and Swift Startup

Sleep mode can malfunction. You can disable sleep mode in the settings of your device. Fixing the issue entirely may require rebooting the OS (Operating System). In the meantime, you can just deactivate the feature if it isn’t working right.

Swift startup issues develop when certain software won’t load properly, contributing to your device “freezing” or failing to boot. Windows offers this tutorial to help you overcome the issue.

Basic Software Issues and Malware

A lot of software issues are solved by reinstalling a program. Anti-malware software can root out malware on your device. Contact your IT services team in Dallas to help guide you through the process of software and malware troubleshooting.

They can likely assist you in getting the issue fixed without having to send a tech on-site. Generally, it’s an issue of rooting out problematic software as regards malware, and rebooting what’s malfunctioning.

Overheating and Power Supply Issues

Sometimes the physical hardware of your device is causing operational issues. If you’ve got a tower fan that isn’t working, that can be fixed by cleaning it, subbing it out, or reconnecting it where it’s become incidentally disconnected inside a computer tower.

Read the info on whatever power supply you’re using to ensure it matches the specifications necessary for proper computer tower functionality. If it isn’t the right sort of power supply, switch it for the proper unit. If it’s the right kind, then the power supply itself could be broken; sub it out.

Failure of Surge Protectors and Battery Problems

As with power supply issues, when surge protectors fail, replace them. If you’ve got battery issues, the same applies. Some laptops will have a battery fail, and your device will only work if it’s plugged in. Well, changing the battery to a new one that holds a charge fixes that issue.

Getting the Problem Fixed

Our IT services team in Dallas can help walk you through repair solutions on-site. Beyond remote troubleshooting tactics explored here, we can come out on-site and help you through a given issue. Contact us at Technagy to learn about our tech services.



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