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Apple Devices Aren’t Immune from Digital Viruses, Managed IT Services Experts in Dallas Say

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Certainly, there are many security advantages to Apple-based tech infrastructure, but managed IT services experts in Dallas are quick to advise businesses that “Mac” devices are not immune from computer viruses. It’s important to know what the threats are to Macs and how to handle them.

Apple Device Threats to Consider

Certainly, there’s a slight difference in threat threshold for devices developed by Apple. However, you’ve got a few vulnerabilities that will differ from Windows devices. Consider the following:

User Error is at the Root of Many Apple Security Breaches

With all computers, user error is the chief threat. Whether through incidental mistakes or poor understanding of the threats out there, people tend to be the most gaping vulnerability of any business’s security.

The big thing is password management; many employees tend to lean on simple options that can be hacked in a few hours through just a brute force approach. However, conduct online and as regards sending important information internally are also suspect. We’ll cover that in the next point.

Phishing and Documents Infected with Macro Viruses

Managed IT services experts in Dallas warn that there are specific tactics geared at stealing information psychologically via phishing and spear-phishing. Essentially, phishing is when cybercriminals pretend to be management or other high-profile staff to strategically solicit privileged information or resources, like money from a specific account within your business. Definitely, you need to have your staff trained against phishing scams.

Also, be careful what files you download. “Macro” viruses are often included in documents and have been a big problem for Macs since file-sharing became popular about 20 years ago. Generally, avoid file-sharing.

Fake Software Updates and Pop-Ups

A lot of times you’ll visit a website and get a software update pop-up that’s a virus in disguise, and the way it gets past your computer’s security is by soliciting your agreement toward the download of the virus.

Never download anything from a pop-up. Get in the habit of managing software updates through an MSP who understands the dangers and can take the responsibility for your network’s architecture.

Enhancing Tech Infrastructure Security for Apple Devices

Managed IT services experts in Dallas can help you secure your devices, be it based on Windows or Apple design. User error, phishing, infected files, fake software updates, and pop-ups containing viruses tend to represent some of your biggest threats here. Contact us at Technagy to learn more.



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