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The Basics of MSPs as Explained by Our IT Support Team in Dallas

IT support DallasThe acronym “MSP” is used that much more frequently as more businesses need IT services and additional tech assistance. However, some people are not exactly sure what MSP really means and why these businesses are so important. Below, our IT support team in Dallas delves into the basics of MSPs.

A Plain English Explanation of MSPs

MSPs are third-party providers of IT services. These tech specialists provide tech troubleshooting, remote IT support, systems management and additional network and computer-related services. MSPs empower companies to make the most of the money they spend on technology, enjoy improved efficiency and save money.

The bottom line is MSPs are much more effective and affordable than an entire team of in-house IT specialists. There is simply no sense paying expensive salaries and benefits to a full team of internal tech professionals when the work can be outsourced to an IT support provider in Dallas. MSP employees do not require the same benefits and perks as in-house talent, meaning they are that much more affordable in the context of overhead expenses. Furthermore, MSPs always have someone available as the team approach ensures someone is ready and willing to lend his or her expertise to the tech challenge in question. The same cannot be said of internal tech departments where employee illness or personal time off could leave the business in quite a bind.

The IT Department Businesses Need

MSPs are essentially an IT department. As time progresses, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource internal tech work to the proven outsiders who embrace those challenges on behalf of the client.

The primary difference between an MSP and an in-house tech team is one operates from a remote location outside of the business while the other works on-site at the business. As noted above, MSPs provide subscription pricing models, meaning their services cost significantly less than the cost of labor paid by a business to in-house tech specialists.

The MSP’s Role

MSPs have rapidly evolved since the 90s. Instead of solely focusing on remote application hosting, MSPs provide all sorts of tech assistance including network management and monitoring, maintenance, IT troubleshooting, and more.

Network and infrastructure management are particularly important as the MSP is tasked with obtaining the network resources, hardware, and software necessary for the client. Infrastructure monitoring including network monitoring is also quite important as it identifies and remedies looming issues prior to the point at which they cause costly damage.

Technagy IT is on Your Side

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