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Benefits and Risks of BYOD | Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services DallasBring Your Own Devices can either be employee-owned smartphones, laptops, or tablets that are regularly interfaced with the corporate network. Employees can access a huge amount of data from their devices in the company network.

You can work with a managed IT services team in Dallas to help you design beneficial BYOD frameworks that allow employees to use their personal devices for office-related purposes securely and cost-effectively.

Advantages of BYOD

The right BYOD policy ensures that employees use well-secured security pathways when accessing the company network. It states what the company allows to be done as the best use of technology and how to keep it secure from any form of cybercrimes. It makes it possible for organizations to realize the benefits of BYOD.

For huge companies, BYOD means the IT department doesn’t have to purchase mobile devices for their employees since they can use their devices to access data and corporate networks. This saves on cost and reduces the burden of supporting those devices.

Employees get the freedom to choose the type of mobile device to use and therefore allow them to use the ones they are most comfortable with. Employees don’t have to carry multiple devices to work anymore.

BYOD is efficient and with a shorter learning curve. Employees don’t have to go through a lot of training as they would normally. This is because the employees use their own devices that they are familiar with, and therefore they have more knowledge about them.

If handled rightly, BYOD policies may help employees to use technology that is up to date. With huge budgetary restrictions, many companies are currently unable to provide their employees with up-to-date technology for their devices. With BYOD, this is possible since the devices owned by the employees are often of a higher quality than the ones provided.

It is flexible since an employee can work from basically anywhere. This is much more suitable for employees who would wish for a flexible remote working life. The employee can work from home or anywhere else, and they will remain as productive and accessible as their colleagues at the office.

Disadvantages of BYOD

With an increased number of employees accessing their devices out of their workplaces at their own time, there is a chance that they will access them using unsecured WI-FI. This may provide hackers with easy access to the company’s systems and network. BYOD management is thus a critical offering worth exploring from managed IT services providers in Dallas.

When employees use the company computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it is much easier for the IT department to support staff should issues occur. With the BYOD policy in place, it is challenging for the IT department to fix issues since all employees have different devices. This makes the process increasingly more difficult for the IT department to handle.

Further, many employees’ devices do not possess the advanced security measures that the office equipment will typically have. If the employees’ mobile devices fall into the hands of an unwanted party, then the unwanted third party will gain access to confidential and sensitive information.

If you would like to learn more about the feasibility, efficiency, and risks of BYOD for your organization, contact us at Technagy. We are a leading provider of managed IT services in Dallas.



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