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Best Practices for Managing Your Hybrid Workforce | Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services Dallas

Managed IT services in Dallas represent a key tool in your operational hybridization tool kit. About 25% of all workers are operating in a remote capacity today. If you had 100, now 25 of them primarily work from home.

Many more than that are operating for a few days at home, and maybe a day or two every week at the office. This is a sort of “hybrid” workforce: they’re at-home and in-office workers simultaneously. How do you manage this dual nature in modern employees? We’ll explore a few tips, including:

Know What Makes Employees Tick, Structure Time “In-Office”

First, what makes your employees the most productive? Some prefer you to look over their shoulder, believe it or not. You likely already know quite a few of them absolutely despise what they regard as “micro-management”. Accordingly, they love remote operations. That said, sometimes they’ve got to come in anyway.

What makes sense is standardizing in-office hours if you’re going for a hybrid operational approach. Structured standardization helps keep everybody on the same page.

Know What’s Needed, Provide It and Necessary Education

Managed IT services professionals in Dallas suggest that you should take time to carefully determine staff needs both remotely and in the office. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can work for some businesses, but for others, it complicates network functionality through introduction of unproven and third-party software.

Standardize in advance by providing remote employees with approved hardware, and proper education in its secure utility when operating off-site.

Lines of Communication and Established Breaktimes

Everybody needs to feel like they can be heard if they need to ask questions of managers or “team leads”. When employees feel like an unheard voice shouting into the air, it tends to affect their morale and productivity. Be sure you’ve got open, active lines of communication internally and externally.

Also, be sure you establish breaktiems as carefully and fastidiously as structured in-office operations. Without such structure, workers can push themselves too far at home, leading to a delayed reaction which may not be as productive as it could be.

Optimizing Hybrid Operational Infrastructure

Our managed IT services team in Dallas can help your business establish profitable hybridized operational infrastructure. It’s important to have open lines of communication, establish specific “down time”, give employees the right education and hardware, know what makes employees “tick”, and carefully structure their time in-office. There’s more to it, but at minimum, these tips should help you hybridize successfully. Contact us at Technagy to learn about how we can help boost the productivity of your hybrid workforce with the latest tech solutions.



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