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Build a Defense Against Ransomware Attacks with IT Services in Dallas

IT services DallasMany businesses are choosing to use IT services in Dallas to help them guard against the growing risks of cybercrime that now affect every business online. The recent Colonial Pipeline attack showed once again that any business big or small can suffer a cybersecurity breach. Here’s a look at how an IT service provider can help protect your business against ransomware attacks.

New Ransomware Tricks

Some recent ransomware attacks have uncovered a new strategy used by attackers that deliver two encryption attacks. This strategy allows the attack to hold data under two types of ransomware, which means the victim will need two separate decryption codes to restore their system.

How to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

An IT services provider in Dallas can help train your staff to spot suspicious emails as a proactive step to avoid ransomware attacks. Most attacks could have been prevented because they were due to an employee being tricked into clicking a deceptive email link supposedly from a trusted source. Ransomware attackers often pose as other entities or they take a social engineering approach, in which they develop a relationship with the victim over several months before launching a surprise attack.

It’s common for businesses to outsource to IT firms to let the technical experts oversee the network infrastructure. Running audits allows the IT analysts to examine an organization’s vulnerabilities and make suggestions for improvements. One of the most important ways an IT team can help fight ransomware attackers is by performing routine data backups.

If all your critical data is always available on backups, then there’s no need to cave into a ransomware attacker’s demands. Usually, attackers will lock the user out of data until the victim pays a ransom in cryptocurrency.

Building a Strong Defense

An IT provider can further help you defend against cybercriminals in general by assessing your network and recommending cybersecurity solutions. The more cybersecurity layers you include, the better your data will be protected. An IT provider can also provide guidance for choosing antivirus software.

IT experts can help you implement solutions such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, firewalls, virtualization, and comprehensive 24/7 monitoring software. They can also help you set company policies for employees on how they can access digital assets. Technicians can further help filter out websites that you don’t want employees to visit.


Every business must protect against the rising tide of cybercriminals that have infiltrated countless small and large companies. An effective solution to defend your company in this climate is to work with seasoned IT experts and embrace the right technology. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about IT services in Dallas that can improve and protect your business.



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