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Demystify Cybersecurity Misconceptions and Assumptions Through Having IT Support in Dallas

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Many IT support services in Dallas believe security awareness training has become a key element in an organization’s overarching information security program. However, many professionals and organizations are unclear about the specifics and misconceptions about this initiative’s effectiveness.

Here are some common myths and facts about security awareness training:

1. Security Awareness Training Doesn’t Work

Fact: Security awareness training can be effective when done correctly and consistently; otherwise, it won’t work well. If you don’t believe this, ask any CISO whose company has been hit with a breach or suffered an embarrassing data leak due to employee negligence.

2. Training Is a Waste of Time Because Employees Won’t Remember What They Learned

Fact: Well-crafted security awareness training helps employees remember important concepts long after they leave the classroom. Many IT support companies in Dallas conduct regular refresher courses throughout the year to keep employees up to date on new threats and best staying safe online practices.

You can follow up with periodic assessments to test employees’ knowledge of these topics to ensure their understanding remains strong across the organization.

3. Security Awareness Training Occurs per Year

Fact: It helps if you can do it annually, but this isn’t always possible due to budget constraints or other factors that inhibit this investment. In these cases, you should consider quarterly or even monthly updates for your employees.

This prevents them from forgetting the importance of protecting their networks or themselves from social engineering attacks.

4. Training Does Not Have to Be Fun or Engaging

Fact: Many people think that Security awareness training is an event where employees sit through boring presentations and watch PowerPoints. This is not the case.

In your security awareness program, you can use the same techniques that you use for any other type of training — games, role-playing, quizzes, and more.

5. Awareness Training Takes Too Long

Facts: The average length of an awareness training program is 30 minutes. This means that even if you don’t have time for one-hour sessions once a week or month, you can still deliver effective content in short bursts.

6. Security Awareness Training Is Only Useful if People Take Action After Training

Fact: Security awareness training can be effective even if people don’t take action immediately after receiving training. The goal of most security awareness programs isn’t to change behavior immediately.

Its goal is to make people aware of how their actions affect security so they can change their behavior when ready. More importantly, getting employees involved in your program helps build buy-in for any changes required later.


Many misconceptions go around when it comes to security awareness training. However, if we can set these aside and focus on best practices, everyone will be better off in the long run.

When you need IT support in Dallas, Technagy can help in obtaining security awareness training to educate your staff on preventing social engineering attempts, adding a crucial layer of protection to your business. Feel free to call us today!



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