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Designing Mobile Device Security with the Help of IT Services Experts in Dallas

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Beyond the decentralization of traditional corporate infrastructure, IT services providers in Dallas were already in a position where mobile security solutions were seeing demand expansion. When employees can use a pocket computer as powerful as their desktop device, that opens up a lot of potential. But there are security threats.

Measures That Can Optimize Operational Security

The other side of the convenience coin is cybercriminal in nature. Cybercrime pros understand business conducted through smartphones, tablets, and other IoT devices tends to be less secure. However, remaining competitively viable predicates accepting the risk. Accordingly, IT companies advise the following security measures:

Ensure All Cloud Storage is Properly Approved

For devices used in conjunction with company productivity, be sure cloud storage is from an approved provider. Different clouds have different levels of security against cybercriminals. Working with managed service providers (MSPs) helps make sure your data is in a secure cloud location.

Train Staff to Avoid WiFi Use Outside Work or Their Own Home

Make it a protocol that only trusted WiFi networks should be used by your employees, whether they’re at home or on-site at your location. Unknown WiFi networks expose data to cybercriminals, and they can use that for future network exploitation. Un-vetted WiFi is a huge tech scourge.

Only Use Approved Apps Internally for Company Communication

Microsoft Teams or Slack represent internal communications apps many companies have great success with. Whatever option you ultimately choose, be sure you’re working with approved software that is known. Third-party apps are often designed specifically to harvest your data for cybercriminal purposes. IT services providers in Dallas can help you vet internal communication apps to avoid such circumstances.

Company App Containerization: Like Putting a Fence Around a Garden

Company app containerization is comparable to building a fence around a garden so it is differentiated from the lawn and safeguarded from external pests. When employees need to use software, containerize it to keep it safe from external corruption. Think of this as building a digital fence around your company-app garden. Such measures rebuff many cybercriminal efforts.

Keeping On-Site Mobile Device Use as Secure as Possible

Our IT services team in Dallas can help you design proper storage options including approved company clouds, we can assist you in staff training, and in determining the best apps for internal operations. We can be very helpful if you need help with your business technology. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about our IT services.



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