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How IT Services in Dallas Help Clients Retain High Availability for Critical Systems

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What is “High Availability”?

IT services in Dallas have this primary function: to assure the tech systems of clients function efficiently, and in a way conducive to overall productivity. To that end, establishing High Availability, or HA, of critical systems is key. HA is essentially a measure of how available a given tech system is for its intended use.

Tactics to Help Facilitate HA

Most systems need troubleshooting, reboots, or upgrades at intervals even when functioning properly. However, the more traffic a given digital network has, the more difficulty it has processing that traffic and the greater the likelihood the system will eventually crash. Exceptional HA means systems are more reliable, usable, and ultimately productive. Here are tips to help your network achieve and maintain HA:

  • Ensure Data Backup and Recovery Solutions are Effective
  • Design Systems Around HA: Eliminate Single Points of Failure
  • Monitor Systems, Practice Load Balancing, Regularly Test for HA

Ensure Data Backup and Recovery Solutions are Effective

No matter how good your system is, some things can crash a given network. Accordingly, regardless of how well-designed your system is, have backup solutions. You want more than one. On-site, there should be a minimum of two different sorts of backup options. Be sure you have at least one additional backup solution off-site. Also, design recovery protocols you can immediately initiate in the event of a network crash. Test these emergency measures prior to an emergency to assure their effectiveness.

Design Systems Around HA: Eliminate Single Points of Failure

IT services in Dallas can help you, first, design varying tech systems for notable HA. The way the network is configured, whether it is integrated with remote systems, and other factors come into play.

Next, proper tech professionals can help you determine where varying single points of failure are. Often, what crashes a system is a single area in the network that’s “unstable”. Think of it as a digital bottleneck. Tech pros help identify and correct such issues.

Monitor Systems, Practice Load Balancing, Regularly Test for HA

Monitor whatever tech you’ve installed on-site. Practice balancing system loads: you can run simulations built from existing operational data to help in this effort. Once you’ve got a decent system put together, test it at intervals to ensure ongoing HA.

Achieving and Maintaining Sustainable HA

Technagy is an expert in providing IT services in Dallas that can help you facilitate more HA for your varying digital systems. We can help with monitoring, balancing digital loads, testing systems for HA, eliminating single points of failure, installing backup/recovery systems, and assuring such systems work. Contact us here today for more information and guidance regarding HA.



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