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How an IT Services Provider in Dallas Can Manage Your VPN

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A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your internet connection, which helps to improve cybersecurity. Using a VPN is especially important in public places due to the numerous weaknesses within a public Wi-Fi system. A managed IT services provider in Dallas can help set up VPNs for all of your employees to ensure your information remains safe and secure.

Here’s how an IT provider can keep your VPNs working at an optimal level.

Use Speed Test Tools

Sometimes the speed of a VPN service can slow down over time. Checking the speed of your VPN is a good idea, as you can choose from numerous open-source tools. Connecting to a server that’s closer to your location is one way to improve performance. Restarting your router and any other devices can also give you a much-needed speed boost.

Search for DNS Leaks

DNS leaks are a significant security flaw that can expose your identity while using a VPN. Performing a DNS leak test is important to ensure your connection is private. A managed IT services provider in Dallas can handle this task. These IT professionals can also monitor network activity for an added level of protection.

Inspect Your Firewall

Sometimes you may experience problems with your VPN due to your firewall settings. A managed service provider can inspect your firewall to ensure it’s not causing any connectivity issues with your VPN. These IT professionals may have to make a few changes to your settings to stabilize your internet connection.

Keep Your VPN Updated

Checking to see if your VPN is up to date with the latest software is key to avoiding cybersecurity incidents. Enabling automatic updates is one way to keep your software updated, as employees can often forget to download these updates. An IT service provider can also double-check each VPN to ensure it’s running the latest software version for the best results.

Contact Tech Support

Sometimes technical issues can arise while using a VPN. Contacting IT support is a great way to receive professional assistance for all types of problems. Using these IT services is a great way to keep downtime to a minimum, while also creating a more productive work environment for everyone.

Technagy offers managed IT services for a wide range of clients in numerous industries in Dallas. Our experienced tech team is always available to offer around-the-clock support, as we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Keeping your business safe and secure against all types of cyber threats is also a focus for our company. Feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation!



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