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How Managed IT Services Experts in Dallas Can Help You Learn About New Apple Security Features

managed IT services Dallas

Keeping information safe remains a top priority in the workplace. The recent Apple iOS 16.2 update provided a wide range of security features for greater data protection. These brand-new features can play a key role in boosting security, as managed IT services firms in Dallas will work with your business to ensure your team fully understands this update.

Here is an overview of the new security features from the Apple iOS 16.2 update.

1) Contact Key Information for iMessage

Cyber threats are always evolving, as the new update provides much greater protection for anyone working in healthcare, government, media, and other industries. Using iMessage content key verification adds a new layer of security by providing automatic alerts if an attacker manages to access the cloud servers. While most people won’t need this feature, it’s especially helpful for anyone working in an industry requiring high-level security.

2) Apple ID Security Key

Apple began using two-factor authentication for Apple ID a few years ago, as now users have the ability to require a physical security key for greater protection. Opting into this new feature helps to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account by further enhancing the two-factor authentication process. Managed IT services experts in Dallas can help set up this key for all of the employees in your business.

3) iCloud Data Protection

The recent update also provides end-to-end encryption for iCloud. You will now have much more security while using iCloud Backup, Notes, Photos, and other major apps to ensure all of your information remains much safer. Enabling this feature helps to prevent third parties from accessing your information.

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