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How a Managed IT Services Provider in Dallas Can Help You Avoid Data Backup Failures

managed IT services Dallas

Data is what fuels many businesses today, so it makes sense to work with data specialists such as managed IT services providers in Dallas. Seasoned IT experts can deploy and oversee your data backup solutions to reduce the chances of downtime. Here are important ways that an outsourced IT team can prevent backup failures.

Avoid Cheap Backup Solutions

An experienced managed IT services provider in Dallas understands the risks that free or cheap data backup services pose. While you might save money with a free popular cloud service for storage, it can make your data more vulnerable to getting copied by unknown entities. You should use a system that ensures you control who accesses confidential data.

Go Beyond File Sync for Backup Solutions

Some businesses that try to handle their own IT work use File Synchronization (File Sync) as a backup method. While it allows you to restore your system in some cases, it’s not a complete backup solution. Ideal backup systems involve separate systems that store critical files in case one system goes down. File Sync merely synchronizes data to two different data systems.

File Sync can replicate an infected file, just as it can delete files that correspond with files you accidentally delete on mirrored data systems. In other words, files are synchronized so both data systems perfectly match.

Don’t Settle for Cheap Bandwidth

Even if your company is operating on a slim budget, it’s essential to have adequate bandwidth to suit your business needs. A low-quality website and e-commerce system sends red flags quickly to the internet community. Your IT team can determine through testing the internet speed you need for uploads and downloads.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Another important way an IT services provider can help you meet current business challenges is to protect your data with robust cybersecurity solutions. These days, cybercrime can cost a business millions of dollars and even be the reason the firm permanently shuts down. You need a team of IT professionals and software solutions that monitor and protect your network.

Restoration Testing

A regular in-house IT team might forget to test backup files because it can be boring and redundant. But a skilled outsourced IT team knows the importance of precision necessary for proper backup work. So you’re likely to have a better backup system when it’s managed by competitive IT professionals aiming to please their clients.


IT service professionals can help improve and refine your business partly by alerting you to the pros and cons of various technology solutions. Contact us at Technagy for more information on how managed IT services can transform your Dallas business to embrace modern digital solutions.



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