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How Managed IT Services Providers in Dallas Can Help You Learn More About Firewalls

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Firewalls play a key role in keeping your computer safe against cyber threats. The term firewall has been around for a few decades, as it’s primarily used in relation to network security. Working with managed IT services providers in Dallas can help you learn even more about the important role of firewalls and how they can provide your business with an added level of protection. Of course, not all firewalls are equal, as some specialize in different areas.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of firewalls available.

Stateful Inspection Firewall

A stateful inspection firewall is a common version for modern infrastructures. This type of firewall uses dynamic packet filtering, which is a process that allows traffic to pass within the firewall for detailed analysis. A stateful inspection uses predefined rules to help determine if a packet needs to be allowed or denied.

Virtual Firewall

A virtual firewall differentiates itself by being hosted in the cloud. These firewalls are used to protect a virtual machine or any environment hosted within the cloud. You also have the flexibility to customize the virtual firewall to best meet your needs, whether it’s for a particular application or the entire environment on the cloud. Managed IT services companies in Dallas can make these modifications at any time.

Unified Threat Management Firewall

A unified threat management firewall also includes the use of antivirus software. These firewalls are perfect for small businesses in helping to protect network infrastructure while also keeping data well-protected. A managed IT service provider can work with your team in setting up this firewall while also providing around the clock support.

Does My Business Really Need a Firewall?

Many businesses often wonder if they need to invest in a firewall to enhance cyber security. However, a firewall is just one aspect of creating a detailed cybersecurity plan that best matches the needs of your business. Creating data backups, patch management, antivirus software, business continuity plans, and employee training are other aspects of IT security that need to be included with the installation of a firewall to protect your company.

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