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How Managed IT Services Providers in Dallas Can Improve Your Slow Internet Connection

managed IT services Dallas

Dealing with a slow internet connection is never a fun experience, especially if you are working on a tight deadline. Finding ways to improve your internet speed is key to boosting productivity while also creating a less stressful work environment. Working with a managed IT services provider in Dallas is a great way to give your internet speed a much-needed boost to help you better meet the demands of today’s fast-paced workplace. But, here are a few of the most common reasons why you are dealing with a slow internet connection.

Personal Use

Employees often use the internet for non-work-related activities, which can lower the speed of your connection. Streaming music, watching videos, or making personal phone calls through the internet can dramatically reduce its speed throughout the entire office. Creating an employee policy on limiting the internet for personal use can help you overcome this problem.

Too Many Devices

Using too many devices can also significantly reduce internet speed and make it difficult to remain productive. Many times employees will connect multiple devices to the internet, whether it’s laptops, cellphones, or tablets. Limiting the number of devices connected can help you avoid experiencing this common issue.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing makes it easy to conduct meetings in real-time without having to be in the same office. However, one of the drawbacks of a video conference is that it requires a lot of bandwidth. You can reduce the bandwidth by turning off HD video, limiting screen share, and muting your audio whenever you aren’t speaking.

How to Improve Your Internet?

Working with managed IT services professionals in Dallas is important in helping you determine the best way to boost your internet speed. For example, you may want to consider additional bandwidth to better meet the needs of your business. You may even need to consider allowing employees to work remotely to help limit the demand for your internet usage. Making sure to match your network capacity with your bandwidth is also important if you are using cloud services. An IT service provider can even conduct an assessment to determine the best way to make improvements.

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