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How You Can Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 With the Help of IT Support Experts in Dallas

Choosing the right Wi-Fi network for your business is a key decision. IT support providers can work with your team in Dallas to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 or 6e while keeping downtime to a minimum. Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 allows you to provide internet access to many more devices, and it offers much more flexibility compared to older models.

What are the Benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

One of the big advantages of upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 or 6e is that it provides support to other endpoints, such as devices that use the Internet of Things. Deploying this technology allows your business to operate more efficiently, which helps to increase productivity levels for your entire team.

Why You Need Managed Services in Dallas for Setting Up Your Wi-Fi 6

Trying to deploy any technology for your company can be a stressful experience. It can also be easy to make a few mistakes. Working with an IT support team in Dallas is a great way to make this transition process smoother, as they will handle each stage of the setup process for setting up a new Wi-Fi network.

A managed service provider will also conduct a site survey to identify the best locations for placing the access points to optimize performance and efficiency. A network assessment will be performed to determine if you need to consider any other upgrades. An IT service provider can also help you set up your cables and other hardware to ensure everything is working smoothly. You can always contact them at any time if you ever have questions or need assistance.

Reach Out to an IT Service Provider to Learn More

Technagy offers IT support services for a variety of small and mid-size businesses in Dallas. Providing the best IT support for each one of our clients is always our priority. We can easily set up your business with Wi-Fi 6 and also handle any other tech upgrades. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services!



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