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Identify and Reduce “Digital Friction” with IT Support in Dallas

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Digital Friction Defined

IT support professionals in Dallas define digital friction as that which requires too much effort for the end result as regards IT applications. So if it takes like five minutes for a software platform to switch between servers on your intranet array, that causes unproductive digital friction.

What Can Be Done?

IT support experts in Dallas advise a few key steps to help you identify and reduce digital friction. Consider the following:

Figure Out Where Digital Friction is Taking Place

Sometimes digital friction is on the front end, sometimes it’s on the back end. If you’re running a call center and the sales processing system requires telephone salespeople to stall, then the issue is with the software.

You’d want a tech company to help with a cost-benefit analysis related to replacing that software so it functions better in real-time. You’ve got to have such pros help you first, because sometimes the cost of replacing the cause of the digital friction causes more and worse friction. You don’t want to cause more problems with a solution. Managed service providers (MSPs) help guide you.

Determine the Source of the Digital Friction

Whatever the issue is, you need to narrow down the true cause. Sometimes you’re dealing with something that is related to infrastructure, in other scenarios, there’s an interpersonal issue, we’ll explore that shortly.

Explore Alternatives, Streamline Operations

An alternative to a bad software portal would be upgrading it, if that’s financially feasible. MSPs can conduct a tech audit, and let you know your alternatives and their associated costs. Then they can help you implement such alternatives. The overall goal is streamlined operational optimization.

Separate Out Interpersonal Friction

Interpersonal friction could develop when one department knows how to use software, another one doesn’t, but day-to-day operations force both to use the same tech. Training the uninformed department could help. Sometimes friction has to do with employee personalities.

There is tech that’s more likely to cause trouble in some cases. Try to determine if the friction you’re dealing with is interpersonal or digital. MSPs help with digital issues, interpersonal ones need another approach.

Streamlining Operations by Reducing Digital Friction

We at Technagy can help you identify and eliminate digital friction. We will help you determine where digital friction is the issue, as opposed to interpersonal friction. We can help you explore alternatives, find solutions, determine fixes, and identify digital friction in areas you may not have realized were an issue. Contact our IT support team in Dallas to learn more.



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