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Identifying the Best Disaster Recovery Option for Your Business | IT Services in Dallas

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One thing IT services professionals in Dallas will always advise businesses do is put together backup and recovery strategies. One of the most important regards Business Continuity and Data Recovery, or BCDR. It’s not the only game in town, though. There’s also Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Which is best?

Every Ship Needs Life Boats

Your business is a vessel, and hacking storms require the secure assets of your data to be preserved in digital lifeboats. Some lifeboats are better for some ships than others. Maybe your business boat would do better with a strict BCDR option on-site, maybe you outsource to DRaaS. To help you narrow down your choice, consider these points:

Ensure Whatever Recovery Protocols You Design Are Compliant and Secure

First things first: whether you go with an outsourced DRaaS option, or you’re orchestrating a 3-2-1 recovery approach (with three distinct backup options stored in at least two different types of media, as well as a third backup that’s not located at your actual location), you’ve got to be compliant. Compliance and security often go hand in hand. Be sure you can boast both qualities. If backups aren’t secure, they may actually expose your assets.

BCDR & DRaaS: Pros and Cons of Either for Business Needs

IT services experts in Dallas often advise some businesses to outsource disaster recovery. Others would do better to have BCDR options on-site. It can be worthwhile to see what a consultant says, as cloud computing has fundamentally changed the game. DRaaS brings greater capability to BCDR solutions, but you have to trust your data with someone else. You’ve got more control with BCDR, but you bear total liability for errors. Consultants help you split the difference.

Exploring Cloud Options in BCDR

Some of the most qualitative BCDR solutions include cloud capabilities. This can be the single off-site storage solution in your 3-2-1 backup strategy. When you back things up, they automatically have an “image” on the cloud. Also, if you have critical on-site server failure, cloud computing can surrogate your server array, allowing for seamless continuity of business.

Securing Digital Assets Through Recovery Best Practices

An IT services provider in Dallas like Technagy can be vital in designing BCDR for your business. You’ll want to be sure recovery protocols are compliant and secure, that you know whether BCDR, DRaaS, or some combination of either is best for your business, and what options there are on the cloud. Between those data points, you should be able to triangulate the best disaster recovery solution. Contact us to learn more.



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