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The Inside Scoop on Microsoft Office Account Takeovers, and How Our IT Services Team in Dallas Can Help

IT services DallasHackers are now attempting to steal credentials used to access Microsoft products. If you are like most professionals, you use all sorts of different Microsoft programs for work. Our IT services team in Dallas is here to help you safeguard these accounts and prevent a potentially crippling digital security breach.

Account Takeovers Are a Legitimate Digital Security Threat

Most people understandably do not know how to prevent a Microsoft account takeover and what to do if it occurs. The damage inflicted by such a takeover can be quite significant as businesses are now reliant on the cloud for work. As time progresses, that many more people shift to remote work in which the cloud is used for sharing and collaborating on documents.

If you feel as though your team does not have the tech expertise necessary to prevent such a takeover, our IT services team in Dallas is here to help. We can educate and train your team to identify phishing scams designed to trick people into providing their login credentials. Furthermore, our digital security experts can also help your team identify malware that has been installed on computers.

You Are Not Defenseless Against Account Takeovers

Everyone who uses Microsoft products should know that the company’s Office 365 suite has several helpful built-in digital defenses. The program has AI-powered threat detection capabilities through its Microsoft Defender software designed specifically to safeguard Office 365. Still, there are ever-evolving digital security threats that pop up with regularity. In other words, you need a digital defense strategy with multiple layers.

As noted above, employee training in regard to digital security will help prevent a phishing scam from compromising your business. It will also help to implement next-gen firewalls along with SASE, short for “Secure Access Service Edge”, for full protection. However, you will need tech specialists to manage these digital security solutions on your behalf. Consult with our experts, and you will have all the tech expertise you need to prevent account takeovers.

Time Is of the Essence

If hackers attempt to overtake your Microsoft account, you should know time is of the utmost importance. You need to identify takeovers right away to minimize the damage. Our incident response services will help keep the threat contained and ultimately eliminate it so you don’t spend a single penny more than necessary to safeguard your business.

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