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IT Services Experts in Dallas Can Help You Protect Against Not Just Hacking, But Eavesdropping

IT services DallasModern espionage has entered the corporate sphere predominantly through modern tech, and having IT services in Dallas is fundamental in helping you overcome it. There are a few different ways to do this, one is to identify the worst threats proactively, and outpace them. Worse than hacking, worse than viruses, is eavesdropping and data theft.

Protective Measures

This is an espionage measure which is best summarized in the actions of Cambridge-Analytica. WiFi networks act as a prime vector for such means of digital, data-driven eavesdropping. Following, we’ll briefly cover a few protection measures you can take:

Change Default WiFi Router Names and Passwords

Managed IT services providers in Dallas advise you assure all routers for WiFi have their “name” (SSID) and password changed from defaults. This is something you should do for any applicable IoT (Internet of Things) device. If you don’t, all hackers or eavesdroppers need to do is type in the factory defaults.

Enable Swift, Nigh-Continuous Update of Associated Firmware

IT services experts in Dallas can help you institute automated update solutions. Firmware is key, so are software patches, firewall updates, and other security measures surrounding internet-enabled devices, and that which enables wireless access.

Educate Staff, Initiate Remote Monitoring and Support Infrastructure

IT service providers can conduct cybersecurity education for your staff. As tech infrastructure follows decentralization segues, institute Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) protocols. These make it so you can update, monitor, deactivate, and manage tech from a distance. You can keep devices from logging onto un-trusted WiFi, and many other things which reduce the ability of unauthorized persons to eavesdrop.

Overcoming Eavesdropping Espionage Through Security Best Practices

Technagy can help you maximize router security through router names and passwords. Additionally, the right organization can help you keep firmware and other associated software up-to-date, maintain staff education, and institute effective remote management protocols. To learn more, reach out to our IT services team in Dallas.



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