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IT Support in Dallas: Cybersecurity Audits, and Your Business

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A Cybersecurity Audit is Just What it Sounds Like

Your IT support provider in Dallas will advise you to conduct audits of digital network security at intervals. If you can do this once or twice a year, that’s optimal. At a minimum, you need to do it every three years or so.

Features of a Cybersecurity Audit

Essentially, audits involve professional companies examining operations to determine vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Your IT consulting firm in Dallas will advise a multi-pronged approach to assuage associated security issues that include the following directives:

  • Assess Problems, Assign Solutions, Audit Results
  • Explore the Age of a Given Network
  • Identify Threats, Educate Staff

Assess Problems, Assign Solutions, Audit Results

IT support provider in Dallas will first assess your network’s issues to determine what they are and where their sources may be. From there, solutions are assigned to fix the issues. Once this is done, results are audited to assure the fix has been effective.

Explore the Age of a Given Network

The older a network is, the more vulnerable it is. There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, technology is in continuous development. This means that increased capabilities facilitate new methods of “attack” for cybercriminals. Software and hardware both transition over time. Accordingly, the older your network is, the more vulnerable it’s going to be.

Identify Threats, Educate Staff

The IT consulting company in Dallas will suggest that in order to defend your network, you must first know what you’re defending it against. Some networks will be more vulnerable to one cyberattack than another.

Once you know which threats you should watch out for, the next step is to let employees know how they can operate in the most secure way.

Utilizing Cybersecurity Audit Options

IT support in Dallas through Technagy can help you assess your network’s security and assign solutions, then audit the results of those solutions to see if they work. This will involve exploring how old a network is, identifying unique threats, and educating staff concerning them. For more information, contact us.



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