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IT Support in Dallas: Notable Ways Your Non-Profit IT Budget Can Be Managed

IT support DallasAcquiring IT support can be difficult for your non-profit business to secure owing to associated cost, but there are strategies worth considering for secure results regardless. For one thing, saving money could cost you on the back-end owing to things like ransomware. For another, the cost of an on-site IT person–just one–could be higher than the cost of outsourced IT solutions. So there are realities that strongly suggest considering outsourcing to an IT support provider for your no-profit business in Dallas.

There are probably a dozen ways you could find the money you need for the tech that makes your non-profit functional. Here are three that are fairly straightforward and should apply to the majority of non-profit organizations:

1. Seek Donations and/or Grants

IT support in Dallas doesn’t have to be exceptionally costly, the monthly expense you can expect should reflect the services you’ve secured. However, there can be unexpected costs, and it’s good to have a sort of “slush fund” for your non-profit in that scenario. Also, you might suddenly expand, predicating the need for increased IT services.

Accordingly, as you go about securing grants, donations, and other funds through contribution, specifically allocate such funding to your non-profit business. You might even do a fundraiser specifically for IT.

2. Develop a Fixed Budget for IT Spending

Something else you can do is develop a fixed budget for IT which you don’t go over on a monthly basis. You’ll want to account for inflation, and you’ll want to avoid break/fix IT services if you go this route. Break/fix IT doesn’t serve your needs until something breaks that needs to be fixed.
Think of it this way: if you change the oil of your car, you won’t see the engine seize up and total the vehicle out at 100k miles. Instead, the car may go as many as a million miles before it’s no longer serviceable. With technology, continual caretaking reduces costly events.

3. Diminish General IT Costs Through Consultation to Expand Budget Reach

Uploading to the cloud, rather than using an on-site server array, will probably save your non-profit organization a large amount of money. Work with IT consultants to determine where you’re overspending so you can curtail such unnecessary costs and expand the buying power of your IT dollar.

Better IT Budget Management for Your Non-Profit Organization

Technagy can provide consulting solutions that help you reduce day-to-day IT costs, assist you in fixing your IT budget, and hopefully diminish your need for grants or donations collaterally. For more information, reach out to our IT support team in Dallas.



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