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IT Support in Dallas Offers Several Key Tips for Zoom Security

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One area where IT support providers in Dallas have had to expand support involves remote business infrastructure. Decentralization was on the way well before the pandemic of 2020, but said pandemic forced the issue. Now 25%+ of people work remotely. How do they interface? Through Zoom, primarily. There are other options as well, but Zoom is the “king of the hill”, as it were, in videoconferencing.

What Complicates the Situation

The issue with Zoom is, it’s not quite as “secure” as it could be. Since 2020, people have gotten more savvy, but even so, many a business meeting has been “Zoom bombed” by a hacker abusing the security weaknesses of the platform. Consider these tips to help avoid that circumstance with your remote meetings:

First, Learn and Make Use of Existing Zoom Security Features

Zoom already includes a number of security features that can do much to keep out “zoombombers”. You can require attendees of a meeting use a passcode. If you use the waiting room feature, you can confirm a participant’s identity before letting them into the primary meeting.

Also, there’s a feature that allows you to restrict those who have not signed in (confirming their identity) from access to the meeting. This is the tip of the iceberg, tech consultants can help you explore such options for best results.

Second, Be Skilled in Muting Video, Audio, and Ejecting Participants

IT support professionals in Dallas advise that you understand how to most expediently eject someone from a meeting. Sometimes secure meetings get bad participants for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’ve got a chip on their shoulder, or maybe they show up intoxicated. Either way, you need to know how to eject them post-haste.

Finally, Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Zoom Changes at the Support Center

Zoom has a support center which can help you with tough questions, and which you can use to keep appraised of the latest security best practices associated with Zoom use.

Being Able to Use Zoom with Greater Safety

At Technagy, our IT support team in Dallas can help you maximize security features on any remote videoconferencing platform. We’re certainly well-versed in Zoom and can help you get a handle on existing security features and shortcuts regarding muting and eject options for session participants. We have to stay up-to-date on associated best practices, and we can help you do the same. Contact us to learn more.



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