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Make Your Network More Secure with IT Support in Dallas

IT support DallasBusinesses that outsource to IT support providers in Dallas have an edge over competitors who don’t hire or outsource IT personnel. Not only will an experienced IT team help you with technical issues when something goes wrong, they can give your company valuable insights on how to run more efficiently with stronger security. Here’s a look at how IT experts can help spot scammers and hackers.

Staff Insights on Cybersecurity

Your IT support team in Dallas can alert you when an intruder enters your network if they use 24/7 monitoring software. They can also help you build multiple security layers that protect your digital assets. Furthermore, they can train your team to spot suspicious phishing emails.

Subtle clues can give away an attacker’s scheme, although some hackers have become more sophisticated and know better not to expose themselves. The email address is the first red flag if it resembles a popular name but is one letter off. Hackers use this trick to make victims think they’re engaging with a trusted brand.

Another clue that an email has come from someone up to no good is when the content is full of misspelled words and poor grammar. Sometimes this type of email comes from foreign criminals looking to steal and exploit confidential data. Finally, if an employee gets a suspicious and unsolicited email with attachments or links, they should avoid opening it.

Ways to Protect Email

An IT support provider can protect your email by setting up an encrypted solution as a reliable cybersecurity layer. The best security involves using several layers so that a hacker’s job is so challenging it’s not worth the time. Using complex and confusing passwords adds another security layer, as does implementing multi-factor authentication.

The cybersecurity of the future will likely be much more robust than it is now. Blockchain technology may be part of it. For now, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to build “walls around walls,” in which IT support professionals can provide a wealth of information. One of the more advanced data protection solutions involves establishing a virtual private network (VPN).


Keeping your email out of the wrong hands should be a top priority, which can be accomplished by surrounding yourself with a seasoned IT support team in Dallas. Contact us at Technagy for more information about how to make your network as safe and efficient as possible. We can provide modern IT solutions that give your brand a competitive edge.



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