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Managed IT Services in Dallas Can Help You Develop Deep Defenses to Combat Ransomware

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The DiD Approach

Managed IT services in Dallas can help you develop Defense in-Depth, which we’ll call “DiD” to save space here. DiD helps “institutionalize” ransomware defenses. Working with MSPs helps you identify how to develop built-in defenses of this variety.

DiD Tactics

All incoming information at a given business needs to be properly filtered for best results overall. Managed IT services providers in Dallas can help you design effective processes that filter out ransomware viruses and the like. Here’s what the process looks like:

Enhanced Data Collection

First, you need to have a way of quarantining all data before it gets out of email inboxes and finds its way to servers on your network. Email “sandboxing” can help.

This is where all files are first “detonated” in a digital “sandbox” where they can be observed to determine if any hidden ransomware has been subtly woven in. Managed service providers (MSPs) help you facilitate sandboxing protocols of this kind, some are more appropriate for your businesses than others.

Better Curation of Collected Data

MSPs then advise that collected data needs to be properly curated. Sometimes sandbox items can be separated and restricted for the wrong reasons. You’ve got to be able to examine whatever information has come to you to be sure, if it’s being restricted, that it should be restricted.

Mitigation of Collected, Curated Data

Once you’ve got the data collected, curated, and quarantined, the next step is mitigation. So if a file is going to introduce a ransomware virus to your network server array, then you would want to eliminate it.

DiD principles can either automate this process or make it so that conscious involvement is required. Which is best for your business will depend on its size and scope. It can be helpful to work with MSPs as a means of designing properly integrated defense that specifically fits whatever the unique needs of your company are.

This is all the more important to consider when you take into account how much ransomware as a threat has increased in modern society. Phishing and spearphishing attacks implant the software on networks with great success for scammers. Accordingly, a DiD approach takes consciousness out of defenses directly, allowing you to check on information indirectly after it has already been digitally separated from more important data.

DiD Options Help Protect Against Ransomware

Our managed IT services experts in Dallas can help you mitigate, curate, and collect incoming data as a means of protecting your network from ransomware. Contact us at Technagy for security measures that work even as ransomware worsens.



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