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Managed IT Services in Dallas: Determining the Best Information Protection Options

managed IT services Dallas

Managed IT services companies in Dallas notify many customers they serve about the dangers of modern cybercrime. We are in the information age. That means information is king, and rather than stealing money, many cybercriminals simply seek data. Customer lists, proprietary secrets, data concerning personnel patterns–these sorts of things can be invaluable. To operate securely, you need to protect that data from those who shouldn’t have access.

Specific Tactics for Protection

IT services providers in Dallas advise a number of different data protection tactics; the following three guidelines are at minimum what any IT-intensive business should consider:

1. Legacy Devices: Replace, Refurbish, or Eliminate Them

Managed IT services experts in Dallas advise that you get rid of legacy devices if at all possible. If you can’t, refurbish them–you can put the operating system of a device from the nineties on a new piece of hardware with a secure software emulator. If you can’t refurbish such devices, and there’s no replacement option, acquire the data and eliminate old devices or servers from your network–they’re a liability.

2. Design a Protection “Net” Around Common Employee Devices

MFA, SSO, and RMM help you provide a framework of protection silhouetting all mobile devices. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) assures those who sign on to a device are who they say they are. Single sign-on (SSO) allows all software to be signed on through a single portal. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software allows you to monitor and manage devices centrally. Together, all three of these software options provide a security “net” for your devices.

3. Disaster Recovery Plans, Employee Training, and MSP Support

You should put together a disaster recovery plan to protect data in the event of the unexpected. You’ll want at least three separate full backups that are located in different locations–have no more than two on-site. Also, train employees intervally, and consider MSP options as regards external support. Such options tend to bring more resources and experience to bear on security.

Representative Data Protection Solutions

We at Technagy can help you determine, design, and test data recovery plans. Additionally, you can find employee training options, MSP support, and consultation as regards construction of a protection “net” around devices. Lastly, keeping devices up-to-date, or designing security options that can handle the separation between what’s new and what you have, is also key. To learn more about comprehensive protection methods to preserve your data, feel free to reach out to our managed IT services team in Dallas.



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