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Managed IT Services in Dallas Help You Determine the Best Firewalls for Overall Security

managed IT services Dallas

A Variety of Firewall Options

Managed IT services in Dallas can provide you with a wide variety of advice regarding firewalls. The truth of the matter is, not all firewalls are the same. There are multiple families, and they use different techniques to filter data. Some of these techniques are more efficient than others. You might not need a robust firewall, but generally, it’s good to have some sort of protection.

Firewalls to Consider

With multiple families of firewalls available, you need to find options that specifically align with the goals, functionality, and security needs of your business. Certainly, it can also be worthwhile to explore multiple firewalls in combination. With that in mind, here we’ll explore the primary varieties of firewalls:

  • Proxy Firewalls, and Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Firewalls That Utilize Packet Filtering Techniques to Verify Information
  • Firewalls Providing Data Discrimination Through Circuit-Level Gateways

Proxy Firewalls, and Stateful Packet Inspection

Stateful Packet Inspection firewalls are abbreviated as SPI firewalls. Basically, they combine the concept of packet filtering, which we’ll explore shortly, with network session tracking. So you set down security parameters in advance, and SPI firewalls follow suit. Incoming packets are filtered, and data-sending protocols are measured.

Proxy firewalls, by contrast, filter traffic at the app level. They’re like a secondary firewall if you will. You strategically program security criteria regarding varying apps, and proxy firewall solutions filter accordingly.

Firewalls That Utilize Packet Filtering Techniques to Verify Information

Basically, when it comes to “packet filtering”, data sent through firewalls come in a “packet” which is examined to assure it doesn’t have anything in it which disagrees with pre-established security settings.

Working with managed IT services in Dallas can help you determine what sort of criteria to set in this regard. These firewalls are strong against that which is known but will have trouble protecting your network against threats that are new, or unfamiliar.

Firewalls Providing Data Discrimination Through Circuit-Level Gateways

Circuit-level gateways are different than proxy firewalls or those that filter packets. Basically, such firewalls have to have a sort of “handshake” that establishes whether information from an external source can be trusted. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. Only connections that a TCP “handshake” verifies are trusted by Circuit Level Gateways.

Choosing Firewalls That Match Company Needs

Managed IT services in Dallas such as Technagy can help you determine if circuit-level gateways, packet filtering, proxy firewalls, or stateful packet inspection are best for your particular network. Sometimes you want a combination of all four. Consultation is key in helping you secure the most effective firewall solutions. Contact us to learn more.



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