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Managed IT Services in Dallas and Live Video Chat Software: Which Is Best for Your Business?

managed IT services DallasThe Need for Remote Conferencing Software

Managed IT services providers in Dallas offer a variety of security solutions, software upgrades, and hardware optimization techniques. Today, decentralized remote operations tend to define all sorts of businesses; large, small, or operating in a capacity that serves the industry rather than traditional non-tech customers.

Three Primary Video Conferencing Software in 2021

Part of the decentralization putsch has to do with natural technological innovations, part of it has to do with the 2020 pandemic that is presently experiencing a resurgence. Regardless, it’s clear that remote conferencing solutions are fundamental to functionality of business going forward. So which ones do you choose? Here, we’ll cover the three most notable options in this area presently:


Zoom has a free basic option that allows for up to 100 participants per meeting, allows for meetings up to forty minutes at 720p quality, but doesn’t do well in terms of SSO (Single Sign On), telephone dial in, or polling and Q&A. Now that said, as Zoom options become more professional, such solutions become available.

At the $15/month threshold, telephone dial-in becomes possible. For $20 a month, participants jump to 300, and you’ll get up to thirty hours of usage at 1080p. At enterprise level, you’re looking at $25 a month ($300 a year), up to 500 participants, thirty hours of coverage, and limited dial-in. Basically, the only reason to pay the extra $5 a month with Zoom is if you’ve got over 300 participants you need to regularly conference with.

Google Meet

Managed IT services professionals in Dallas are less likely to advocate for Google Meet at the enterprise level. In fact, of the three primary options, Google Meet has the least qualitative “free” solution. Breakout rooms, chat, and lobby functions are extremely limited, and even at the enterprise or “plus” level, they don’t get much better. Also, they only offer solutions up to 250 participants. However, that will only cost $18 a month at the highest threshold.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers the best solution for enterprise clients at the E5 level, though not the greatest amount of time. You’ll get up to 10,000 participants, 24 hours’ use, 1080p resolution, and all that for only $57 a month. At the free level, there’s no SSO or telephone dial-in, but breakout rooms, chat, waiting rooms, and Q&A are all evident.

Finding the Best Video Software for Your Company

Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom all have free and enterprise options. What it will boil down to is how extensive associated meetings need to be, and what your budget will allow. Feel free to contact us at Technagy for more information and the latest in technology solutions. Our managed IT services team in Dallas is ready to help you.



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