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Managed IT Services Experts in Dallas Help You Determine When and How to Dispose of “Connected” Hardware

managed IT services Dallas

Nothing Lasts Forever

Managed IT services providers in Dallas commonly help customers deal with what’s known as “legacy” software. Similarly, there is “legacy” hardware; all things have limitations. Often this is called “connected” hardware, as modern devices don’t need cords for web connectivity, whereas older devices did. Legacy devices can be of a different sort, but right now, the majority you’ll see were previously of the “connected” variety.

Old Devices Can’t Handle New Operations

While the most cutting-edge options from the late nineties might be able to interface with certain software from today, even if that’s possible, the interface will be sluggish and essentially inert. Accordingly, at a certain point, you’ve got to ditch legacy hardware and software. This is good not only for your business, but the environment. Consider the following:

  • Data Privacy is Compromised Through “Old” Devices
  • Working Within “EOL” Thresholds Avoids Most Problems
  • There Are Environmental Concerns with Landfill Solutions

Data Privacy is Compromised Through “Old” Devices

Older devices with the most cutting-edge security of their day will virtually implode under a hack attack from modern tech. So, keeping such devices in use is a problem.

An even more pressing consideration, though, is this: if you don’t dispose of such devices properly, all data on them is waiting for any hacker with free time. Working with the right tech people helps you determine when it’s time to upgrade, and what to do with the old equipment.

Working Within “EOL” Thresholds Avoids Most Problems

Managed IT services experts in Dallas advise you to both understand what “End Of Life” cycles are, and buy accordingly. Sometimes you have hardware you’ve acquired that you didn’t realize would be antiquated so fast. Well then, going forward, assure you understand EOL thresholds, and budget to upgrade as appropriate once you have exhausted the use of your varying devices.

There Are Environmental Concerns with Landfill Solutions

If your company has a lot of hardware that’s primed for the landfill, that’s going to ultimately be problematic for the environment. Subsequently, your PR might suffer. That’s if you dispose of the hardware properly, so it won’t be hacked by cybercriminals. MSPs might be able to recycle or repurpose antiquated hardware.

Managing “Connected” Hardware

Managed IT services in Dallas through Technagy can help you determine when it’s time to upgrade hardware, and how to dispose of old solutions. Data privacy is a big concern. Knowing “EOL” thresholds in advance will help you avoid over or under-using a device. Finally, going about this the right way is ultimately good for the environment; so that’s a win. To learn more, contact us.



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