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Managed IT Services Providers in Dallas Help with Employee Cybersecurity Training

managed IT services Dallas

Managed IT services providers in Dallas commonly help customers overcome digital security breaches. Small and large companies are both targets. Cybercriminals are interested in vulnerability. Smaller companies often don’t consider themselves a target, making them vulnerable.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Any company using any technology should recognize that they are a target of cybercriminal exploitation. You want “all hands on deck”. You need to train staff on what to expect, and how to be safe digitally. Consider these tactics:

Drive Employee Engagement with Tests, Personalization, and Reward

You should reward employees who learn from personalized testing. Once educated, test them. If you taught them how to avoid phishing, send out an email that “phishes” them; reward those who properly react. Engage internal marketing teams to spread best practices and policy updates internally.

Address and Rectify Common Misconceptions Pertaining to Cybersecurity

Proximity of infected devices does not commonly lead to infection (though Bluetooth and WiFi which are untested cause trouble). Rather, poor login and data management practices are a bigger threat. Sensitive data must be stored in secure locations, and properly encrypted. Authentication is fundamental, and compliance is the responsibility of each employee. This info is commonly misunderstood by personnel; fix that.

From Management’s Perspective: Internalize Knowledge of Poor Security Losses

Managed IT services professionals in Dallas point this out: 42% of businesses don’t block bad emails, 40% don’t monitor email-borne attacks, 39% can’t address such attacks, and 44% don’t protect against data leaks or theft. Over 4 out of 10 businesses are ideal targets for hackers.

Employees Can Help Secure Your Business

Technagy can help you educate your personnel. We also address and rectify common cybersecurity misconceptions, and help management staff understand the importance of such training by the numbers. Contact our managed IT services team in Dallas for more information.



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