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Maximizing Business Potential with Microsoft 365 and IT Support Services in Dallas

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Businesses commonly use Microsoft Office for various office functions. Word, Excel, and Outlook email help facilitate documentation and communication while PowerPoint is useful for group presentations. The Microsoft Office suite of tools has evolved over the years to facilitate remote work. Here’s how the combination of cloud-based Microsoft 365 and IT support services in Dallas can empower your company.

Simple Deployment

Setting up Microsoft 365 is easy and can be completed in minutes due to the fact the system doesn’t require a traditional Microsoft Exchange Server. Instead, the system is designed for cloud computing, which gives workers remote access from any location. You have options between hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and other cloud services. The advantages of IT support services in Dallas include assistance in assessing the package you need and to monitor your resources on a regular basis for detecting inefficiencies or security issues.

Flexible Cost

Different Microsoft 365 cloud service plans are designed for different levels of business. This system allows your company to customize the services it needs so you’re not paying for features you don’t use. Pricing is based on a per-user basis, so it varies for each company.

The two most common Microsoft 365 plans for small businesses are the Business Basic and Business Standard plans. You also have the option of a Premium plan, which combines the two other plans while providing advanced security and device management. Further options are available for larger firms.

Remote Streamlining

Each of the Microsoft 365 plans is designed for flexible cloud computing. If you go with the Standard plan or higher, you’re allowed to install Office apps on five tablets and five phones. This scenario makes it easy to work from various locations. Microsoft 365 also makes real-time communication seamless for remote workers with various collaboration tools for online meetings.

Staying Current with Software Updates

These days you don’t need to worry about different employees using different Office versions or compatibility issues. The cloud-based service updates the software on devices automatically if you activate this function. Your devices will be equipped with all the current security patches and system upgrades.

Safe and Reliable Technology

Getting work done safely and efficiently is a top concern in today’s increasingly digital workplace. Microsoft 365 is a top business platform for orchestrating a reliable and safe remote work environment. If you purchase the cloud service through a Microsoft-certified MSP, you’ll get support and guaranteed 99 percent uptime. Your digital assets will be protected with Microsoft’s robust cybersecurity.


Choosing the right IT support provider in Dallas will help you run Microsoft 365 smoothly. Contact us at Technagy for more information on making your business remote-friendly and productive in the cloud with Microsoft 365.



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