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Measures to Prevent Cybercrime Attacks, and Why You Need the Help of IT Services Professionals in Dallas

IT services DallasNintendo, Marriott, Zoom, and Magellan Health could have avoided the cyberattacks that backhanded them during the year of the global pandemic. Stolen credentials were a back door for cybercriminals at Marriott, Nintendo had false cyber-IDs used in the fraudulent purchase of digital products, zoom-bombing utterly undermined many professional meetings, and the impersonation of a Magellan customer led to the compromise of hundreds of thousands of legitimate customers. All could have been prevented. To keep your business safe, it helps to work with IT services professionals in Dallas, as they can help your business identify and overcome any types of cyber hacks.

Proper security monitoring, management, and responses–as well as staff education–can prevent many cyberattacks. Such measures properly practiced at these big-ticket companies would have likely preserved them. Here are measures worth taking for your business, big and small, as protection against cybercrime:

Design Backup and Recovery Protocols, Institute Patch Management That’s Cutting-Edge

It’s not enough to have one backup. You need at least three, and assure one of them isn’t at your primary operational location. Recovery protocols in the wake of a necessary reboot streamline the process, reducing downtime, and eliminating that which initiated shutdown in the first place. Patch management that’s cutting-edge helps secure against vulnerabilities that may trail after new innovations.

Implement and Maintain Security Policies That Are Straightforward and Effective

IT services providers in Dallas can help you design policies flexible enough to be expanded as becomes necessary. Such policies must be initiated effectiveiy and upgraded when new developments predicate new security best practices. Make such policies easy to understand.

Train New Staff Carefully, Refresh Them At Intervals

New staff needs to be carefully trained in security, and all staff must be refreshed at intervals. There should be at least one refresher a year, but if it is feasible, doing so monthly is very wise.

Vulnerable Companies Should Do Dark Web Scans

Dark web scans reveal what cybercriminals are talking about, and whether such subject matter includes your business. If they’re talking about you, they’re likely planning to attack you; so this can help give you a heads-up of an imminent attack.

Having IT Infrastructure In Place That Naturally Offsets Cyberattacks

Partnering with IT services experts in Dallas can help your business avoid the mistakes of Nintendo, Marriott, Zoom, and Magellan Health. Proper backup and recovery protocols, cutting-edge patch management, continuously developing security policies, staff training, and dark web scans represent notable tactics in protecting businesses. To learn more, contact us at Technagy.



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