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Microsoft Teams Myths: How an IT Services Provider in Dallas Can Help You Do More with the Platform

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The defining characteristics of modern organizations are teamwork and collaboration. As a Dallas company aiming for efficient virtual operations, Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration asset in Office 365. As Microsoft Teams expands its features, services, and integrations, the need for an IT services provider in Dallas becomes imperative. Herein is an overview of common Microsoft Teams adoption myths.

Microsoft Teams is Difficult to Deploy

Some companies or organizations opt for other business communication platforms based on the notion that they are easier to deploy than Microsoft Teams. However, these seemingly quick collaboration solutions may end up burdening end-users and your IT department in the long run.

With an IT services provider in Dallas, Microsoft Teams is very easy to deploy. Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Microsoft 365 family of products. Your IT team can easily manage the communication platform within the suite dashboard.

The IT Department Can Solely Manage Teams’ Rollout

Many organizations carry the mentality that it’s the job of the IT function to handle the complete Microsoft rollout and adoption. However, tasking a small IT team to handle the significant switch to Microsoft Teams is a recipe for burnout.

Effective Microsoft Teams adoption and rollout is dependent on executive, organizational, and champion support on top of managed IT services. Executive sponsors and champions can help drum up managerial support and back IT adoption campaigns. This bottom-up and external software adoption support will help your employees grasp the vision of what Microsoft Teams can do for your company.

Users Will Figure Out Using Teams on Their Own

Software transitions can be challenging for IT teams. When your IT team has to roll out Microsoft Teams to a sizeable user base, there’s the temptation to install the software, dish out some basic tutorials, and assume users will figure it out.

The truth is that Microsoft Teams users need clear directions, support, and expectations. The type of training you provide is crucial if you seek effective application adoption. This is where managed IT services come in. Targeted formal training, self-help resources, clear expectations, and follow-ups are crucial aspects of adopting Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Is Not the Best for External Meetings

Another notable misconception about Microsoft Teams is that it is not well suited for external meetings. Teams enable seamless collaboration between members of your organization and external parties.

By eliminating the need for a third-party solution, you get to save on the IT and document management costs of operating two platforms. You can use the external access and guest access features to collaborate and communicate with parties outside your organization, even if they don’t have a Microsoft 365 account.

To achieve your adoption and collaboration goals, it’s essential to consider these and other Microsoft Teams adoption myths. An IT services provider in Dallas can play a vital role in your overall software adoption strategy for efficient business collaboration and communication. At Technagy, we are here to help by offering IT support at any stage of your software adoption journey. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how our services can help your IT function meet your business goals.



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