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Modern Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services Dallas

managed IT services Dallas

The rise of cybercrime should no longer take businesses by surprise. Working with managed IT services providers in Dallas is one way to build stronger data protection for your network. Here’s a look at how the combination of these services and taking proactive network security steps will reduce the chances of a cyberattack.

Importance of Network Security

No public or private network is bulletproof against hackers. Think of an interactive port on a computer as an open window on a brick house. The more bricks and less windows in your system, the harder it will be for hackers to break in. Think about building several layers of brick walls that make the hacker give up.

Be aware that network security breaches continue to escalate, and cybersecurity experts project cybercrime will surpass $10 trillion by 2025. A managed IT services provider in Dallas can suggest cybersecurity solutions customized for your existing network. Here are some of the most common network security risks:

  • Weak passwords: Simple passwords are easy for software to crack
  • Old software: Discontinued support by the developer requires custom security updates
  • Minimal physical security: No surveillance cameras or alarm systems
  • Limited employee training: employee errors account for many breaches

Types of Attacks to Prepare For

Today, password breaches can still happen if employees use easy-to-remember passwords without special characters. Malware and ransomware have been the main types of cyberattacks to make the news. Ransomware can cause extreme havoc if you never back up your files, which is something your outsourced IT team can do.

Your staff should be trained to spot suspicious emails and social engineering schemes in which a hacker starts out as a friend with common interests. After several months of collecting data on the victim, the hacker launches an attack to steal data, create disruption, or both.

Helpful Network Security Solutions

  • Antivirus Software – By itself, this solution isn’t as effective as it once was, but still adds a layer of protection.
  • Multifactor Authentication – Using multiple login steps beyond passwords is the last thing a hacker wants.
  • Encryption – Hackers have a hard time with scrambled code.

You can achieve high-quality network protection by combining these solutions and adding new cybersecurity technology that emerges. IT specialists can regularly audit your network to identify weaknesses. They can add further protection through network segmentation and 24/7 network monitoring software.


Turning to a managed IT services provider in Dallas makes cybersecurity easier to handle with the understanding no system is completely immune to hackers. The key is to defend your network by working with cybersecurity experts who keep up with the latest cyber threats and solutions. Contact us at Technagy for more information on how to strengthen your data protection.



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