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Partner with an IT Services Provider in Dallas to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

IT services Dallas

Working with an IT services provider in Dallas gives your business valuable insight on protecting your data. Today, cybersecurity is a major concern across all industries, so it helps to stay closely connected with cybersecurity experts. Here are strategies an experienced IT consultant advises clients to follow to protect social media accounts.

Multi-factor Authentication

Your IT services team in Dallas can set up multi-factor authentication for members to login safely. Many companies use just 2 factors to login, in which username and password together count as one factor. The second factor is typically a code, such as a PIN number. Multi-factor authentication may involve using security questions for which the user has set up specific answers. Modern approaches include the use of biometrics like voiceprints.

Unique and Complex Passwords

It’s imperative to use both unique and complex passwords to avoid giving hackers easy access. A hacker can use software that attempts all kinds of simple passwords to automate a breach. So it’s important to make passwords as unconventional and unrecognizable as possible. It’s also crucial to avoid using the same password on multiple accounts.

Be Careful Who You Add as Friends

Social media can be both a friendly online meeting center and a deceptive trap. Be aware that there are many marketers, hackers, and spies who use social media for all the wrong reasons. Some are looking for identities to steal, while others are looking to exploit unsuspecting consumers. Always keep in the back of your mind that it’s best to add people you already know in person or through other media, otherwise you’re taking a risk.

Don’t Be Quick to Click Links

Part of the fun of real-time internet activity is clicking links that lead you to new discoveries. The problem, though, is that some links may be infected or connected with nefarious parties. It’s particularly risky to click a link to an attachment that might contain malware. To be on the safe side, don’t feel a sense of urgency about clicking anything on social media.

Learn the Social Media Platform’s Policies

Each social media network has its own privacy policies. Read the platform’s policy to make sure you understand how your information is being shared online. Be aware that some platforms sell information to other marketers, which should be disclosed in the privacy statement.


Use these common strategies to give your network and data strong protection. An IT services provider in Dallas can further help your business become more efficient and modern. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about improving your business processes. We’re ready to help you strengthen your cybersecurity and take your business to the next level.



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