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Protect Your Business Against an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) with IT Services in Dallas

IT services DallasCybersecurity never stays the same for long in the business world, but having IT services can help your Dallas business stay up to date with the attacks. An advanced persistent threat (APT) is one of the most dangerous cyber-attacks facing companies, as these attacks are often difficult to detect. A hacker can easily infiltrate your network without your knowledge, which creates significant security concerns.

What Are the Consequences of an APT Attack?

The consequences of an APT attack are often wide-ranging, whether it’s the loss of intellectual property, infrastructure damage, total site takeovers, or service outages. These attacks are usually multi-stage that can take up to a few weeks or even last for years without your knowledge. An APT attack is much more complex than other cybersecurity threats, as it requires full-time team members to stay hidden within a network. The goal of these cybercriminals is to remain hidden as long as possible. The primary purpose of these attacks is to access classified information, intellectual property, steal credentials, or infrastructure data.

Common Signs of an APT Attack

IT services providers in Dallas can help your business remain proactive against these evolving threats by recognizing the common signs of an APT attack. For example, you may experience unexpected logins or an increase in backdoor trojans. Strange database activity and an increase in spear-phishing emails are other common signs of an APT attack. You may even notice data bundles, as these attacks will often copy and store information in an isolated bundle to make it easier to transfer.

How to Prevent an APT Attack

Standard cybersecurity measures aren’t enough to protect your business from an APT attack. An IT team will need to monitor your network for any unusual activity, such as irregular logins or strange data transfers. Whitelisting domains and applications is another way to keep your network safe and reduce the chance of a successful APT attack. Establishing strict access controls is another way to keep your information secure and out of the hands of hackers. Patch management is also critical in keeping software up to date at all times.

At Technagy, we understand the importance of providing proactive IT services to limit the chance of a data breach and other cybersecurity incidents. Our IT team is always happy to answer any tech concerns you have. Reach out to our IT services team in Dallas for more information.



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