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Safeguard Your Business from These Cyberattacks Through Managed IT Services in Dallas

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If you’re not working with managed IT services professionals in Dallas to secure your business against the latest cyberattacks, there’s a high likelihood you’re vulnerable. Top-tier tech security is fundamental to defense against pernicious cyberattack, and the “goalposts” are always moving, owing to the reality that new means of hacking businesses develop all the time.

Common Cyberattacks to Watch Out For

An IT support team in Dallas can conduct a test of your premises, determine where you’ve got vulnerabilities, and help you patch those vulnerabilities. You can do some of this yourself in advance, but it’s best to work with professionals. Here are three of the most common vectors through which hackers gain access to unauthorized information:

1. Malware, Ransomware, and Social Engineering

Managed IT services experts in Dallas advise patches to help you avoid malware hacks, and best practices to help you avoid ransomware hacks. Ransomware is usually downloaded willfully by employees under a misunderstanding owing to social engineering fraud.

Basically, the hacker poses as a boss, and the employee doesn’t look at the email close enough. MSPs of the right stripe can help you learn what to watch out for and arm employees with information to identify such hacks.

2. Phishing: It’s Common and Has Variants

Phishing is a form of social engineering commonly associated to ransomware and involves specifically targeting either employees or managers to secure unauthorized information, access, or resources. It has many variants; working with MSPs helps you stay ahead of them all.

3. Password Issues to Watch Out For

IT support professionals in Dallas strongly advise password protection protocols that are regularly updated and professionally managed. You need to change up passwords regularly. Some businesses do this shift weekly, others do it monthly. Leaving passwords without changing them for years on end, though–that’s a very bad idea.

Protecting Your Business

Technagy is one of the leading managed IT services companies in Dallas that can help protect your business from malware, ransomware, social engineering hacks, phishing, and password issues. To learn more about what you can do, and what you’d best be advised incorporating through a professional MSP, contact us.



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