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Save More Energy on Your Devices with IT Support in Dallas

IT support DallasWorking with IT support professionals in Dallas can help you distribute savings across the surface area of your business. Electricity in Texas costs 12.04 cents per kilo-Watt hour (kWh). At 100 Watts an hour, that’s 12.04 cents per day, if a device is on ten hours a day. That doesn’t sound like much, does sit? But what if you’ve got 100 computers at your location operating that long five days a week? Well, then you’re looking at $12.04 per day, or $60.20 per week. That becomes $240.80 a month, or slightly more than $2,889.60 a year.

How Can Energy Consumption Be Reduced?

There are a lot of ways to cut down on unnecessary energy consumption at your business. In this writing, we’ll cover how. Such tactics include:

Unplug Devices If You’re Not Using Them

In Texas, if you run one computer 24/7/365, you’re looking at $88.77092 a year. That’s $8,877.092 a year for a hundred devices run that way–on average. But do you really need such computers on 24/7/365?

If you could cut that in half by unplugging devices that aren’t in use, you could save over $4,400 a year. Unless you’re running a server farm, this isn’t a hard step; just be intentional about it, you’ll save money.

Extraneous External Devices Should Be Disconnected

Some devices are constantly running, sucking more electricity, and you don’t really need them. For example, an electric pencil sharpener may only be used for a limited amount of time, but it’s probably plugged in perpetually.

That means it’s drawing energy, even if only in small amounts. Go through the office and find all devices that don’t need to be on. When they’re not needed, unplug them. You’ll save trace amounts of energy, but as has been shown, that adds up over time.

“Smart Strips” Meter Usage Based On Hardware Utility

IT support experts in Dallas strongly suggest utilizing smart strips to meter hardware utility usage. Such strips restrict energy from going to devices when those devices aren’t in use. MSPs can help you determine which options of this kind are best.

Saving Money Through Careful Energy Use

IT support specialists in Dallas advise smart strips, unplugging external devices, and unplugging computers when you’re not using them. These things will help you save money on your monthly energy bill. Tactics like these can save a lot of resources over time, but you do need to be conscientious in how you implement solutions of this variety. For more information, contact us at Technagy.



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