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Smart Things People Do After Buying a New Laptop | Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services DallasYour laptop contains a lot of personal information: it’s a prime target for internet criminals. Many data thefts take place across the world. Fortunately, cyber-attacks can be avoided by adopting good practices to secure your PC. A managed IT services provider in Dallas can improve your odds of data safety and regulatory compliance.

Download a Good Antivirus

As soon as you connect to the Internet, the content of your PC is exposed to various threats. The security of your data is therefore not to be taken lightly. The first good instinct is to install an antivirus to detect malware and neutralize it. You have a repertoire of options, namely:

a) Use the preinstalled antivirus – Windows includes basic protection software offering basic functions: “Windows security.” It scans all your downloads and programs in real-time and identifies possible threats.

b) Choose a free antivirus -There is a multitude of free antiviruses that can effectively protect your laptop PC. Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Panda: this protection software may be sufficient, provided you are vigilant daily. Keep in mind that the free versions can only detect threats but do not offer advanced features.

Opt for paid software. Paid software provided by managed IT services experts in Dallas offers advanced levels of protection. These programs give you the benefit of a firewall, anti-spam, parental controls, or even additional protection for your online transactions.

Activate a Firewall

Another option is the firewall. Often confused with antivirus, it is actually complimentary software with a different action. The antivirus protects your system by scanning files, while the firewall acts as the front line: it prevents outside threats from gaining access to your laptop PC.

Mac and Windows offer a firewall directly integrated into the system, which secures your Internet browsing. It is enabled by default on your machine, but you can verify this by going to your settings or security settings.

Encrypt Your Sensitive Information

If your data is stolen by malware, encrypting your documents makes the information unusable by the cybercriminal. This procedure makes your files inaccessible without a password.

Encryption on Windows – the system offers a tool to easily and quickly encrypt your documents. Right-click on the folder to protect and go to Properties> General> Advanced. Then check the box “Encrypt content to secure data.” You can then save your encryption key: it is an ultra-secure password to keep.

Encrypt your data on Mac – access the “Disk Utility” menu in your applications. Then select the folder to protect and open it. A window appears: in the “Image format” tab, click on “Read / Write” then on “Save.”

Other helpful tips for protecting your laptop:

  • Update regularly
  • Back up your data
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi

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