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Strengthen Your Business’s Cybersecurity with Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services Dallas

As businesses increasingly go more digital, many are embracing managed IT services in Dallas to improve their networking and cybersecurity. Since e-commerce and remote work are here to stay, it’s imperative to take proactive steps to protect your sensitive online data. Here are important keys to making your business network more secure.

Simplify Your Security

While your networking should have multiple layers of cybersecurity, it should still be simple in the sense you surround yourself with IT experts. Some of the alternatives to hiring your own in-house IT team include outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP) or adopting a simplified cloud platform.

At the same time, you’ve got to develop a disaster recovery plan that lays out a simple response strategy to a cyberattack. It usually involves switching to a backup server.

Detect Cyberthreats

Cloud threats have multiplied as businesses increasingly utilize third-party cloud services. A recent Netskope report found that 44 percent of security threats involve cloud exploitation. So it’s crucial to use software and personnel who can detect threats and decide quickly on how to handle them. A managed IT services team in Dallas that emphasizes cybersecurity can effectively manage your network for you and take defensive actions when threats arise.

The key to detecting threats and attacks in real-time is to use a combination of high-quality cybersecurity technology and skilled IT personnel. Threat detection solutions include using cyber threat intelligence, malware sandboxes, and conducting network traffic analysis.

Respond to Attacks

Your IT team must be ready to respond swiftly to a cyberattack. Some of the keys to effective response are processes known as managed investigations, incident response, containment, and eradication then post-incident analysis. If your company relies on a public cloud for anything, you are at the mercy of the data center that runs the service. Working with an MSP helps reduce the chances of a cloud disaster.

An MSP collaborates with cyber networks to help stay updated on cyber threats, making it easier to respond to attacks. Automated solutions such as 24/7 monitoring detect threats and send alerts to decision makers. Machine learning software that remembers threats and gets updated by a cyber network in real-time can be programmed to take immediate action to mitigate the attack.


While cybersecurity should be a top priority of every business, there’s no reason to make it more complex than it needs to be. Working with a reputable managed IT services team in Dallas is the best way to protect your data. Contact us at Technagy for more information on upgrading your cybersecurity.



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