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Privileged Access Management and IT Services for Your Dallas Business

The combination of security-based management strategies and having IT services can strengthen your Dallas company’s security significantly. Understanding privileged access management (PAM) is one of the keys to limiting the amount of damage that can potentially be caused by a hacker. PAM Benefits The most important benefit of PAM for a business is stronger security, […]

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Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats with the Help of IT Services Professionals in Dallas

A cyber attack can devastate your business in only a few seconds, nd partnering with IT services experts in Dallas is a great way to stay proactive against these threats. Cyber attacks continue to evolve each day and pose significant risks for small to mid-size businesses. Staying aware of these threats is critical in staying […]

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Cloud Compliance and Why You Need IT Support in Dallas

What Is Cloud Compliance? IT support providers in Dallas often deal with clients who have sensitive information of the “private” variety which comes with legal compliance requirements. There are general breach notification laws which differ per state, and some legal requirements–like those of HIPAA–which are specific to certain industries, or national. Cloud computing initiates a […]

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Optimization of IT Resources Through Managed IT Services in Dallas

Streamlining 2021 Spending Patterns Using managed IT services represents one of the best avenues toward cost-effective operations for your business in Dallas. Tens of thousands of dollars can either be directly conserved or reapportioned to more efficient use, through total realization of MSP services. Notable Areas of Optimization Through IT It will depend on the […]

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Types of Ransomware and The Need for Having IT Services in Dallas

A Brief Definition of Ransomware Having IT services is essential to protect your Dallas business from ransomware. Ransomware is essentially cybercriminal encryption that sneaks on a network or individual device and locks out users from their data unless they pay a “ransom”–usually in bitcoin. Common Ransomware Types Sometimes ransomware derives from user error, sometimes it’s […]

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Why Managed IT Services Experts in Dallas Recommend MFA

MFA Explained Managed IT services experts in Dallas recommend Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for a variety of reasons; chief among them cost-reduction and security enablement. Additionally, proper MFA can help your business maintain compliance. Essentially, MFA uses multiple devices or access points to “verify” the credentials of a user seeking network access. MFA Best Practices You […]

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Business Benefits of IAM Provided by an IT Support Provider in Dallas

What Is IAM? IT support experts in Dallas commonly advise businesses, especially those who have notable mobile infrastructure, to consider Identity Access Management, or IAM. IAM refers to a system of security protocols assuring only the right people have access to your sensitive data. Benefits of IAM Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most […]

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What You Need to Know About the Recent Facebook Data Breach and What to Do | IT Services Dallas

Facebook recently suffered a digital security breach, resulting in the email addresses and phone numbers of more than 500 million people being exposed. Here is a quick look at the details of the breach and how to proceed as discussed by IT support experts in Dallas. About the Breach The contact information for Facebook users was […]