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The ABCs of Android Security | Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services DallasMobile device security is often overlooked when businesses consider protecting their businesses. In this article, we will explore why the protection of android devices is crucial and how managed IT services in Dallas can help.

Most business-sensitive information can now be accessed on smartphones and tablets through a company’s network. As that happens, there are more than 70 million lost smartphones every year, with just 7% recovered.

Ensure your mobile device is secure by following these steps:

• Passcodes and other security features should be enabled
• If the device is lost or tampered with, configure it to erase data remotely
• Mobile devices should be treated as any computer – updated regularly and trained to detect malicious attacks.
• Establish a security strategy for mobile devices
• Use a mobile device management system to manage and enforce security on mobile devices.

Our mobile devices are not most commonly at risk from hackers, but from ourselves.

It’s become hard to live without these portable devices. You forget them on an Uber ride, on a bus ride, in a restaurant, or they could be stolen from your purse or backpack.

Be sure that a passcode is enabled, along with other authentication options, such as facial recognition or fingerprint.

You must configure this to be required whenever you access your device. If the device does not already have encryption, it must also be enabled by setting a password. Set up devices so that they automatically lock themselves out after a certain number of failed log-in attempts. Make sure that employees can remotely wipe their phones if they lose or are stolen.

Malicious attacks can infect mobile devices just as they can infect computers

Mobile devices are prone to smishing risk in addition to email phishing. Smishing involves criminals sending text or SMS messages that contain malicious links that try to deceive you into clicking on them.

Over the past six months, some managed IT services professionals in Dallas have busted and neutralized many fake malware-packed text messages related to COVID-19 targeting clients. In addition to malware, the link could lead to a Trojan, a password logger, or an unauthorized site asking for your password and account information.

Mobile devices need to be updated just like computers

Updates to operating systems and applications are necessary when vulnerabilities are continually found. Important note: Ensure updates are tested before deploying them to the entire staff.

Educate your users on how to secure their mobile devices

Mobile device security training will enable your users to recognize fraudulent or malicious text messages. You should also include information about threats to look out for and how to secure devices in the programs you develop.

Formalize your security strategy for mobile devices

Start by making an official mobile usage policy explaining how it will manage mobile devices.

For better mobile security and IT support, contact us at Technagy. We provide managed IT services to help your business in Dallas run efficiently and minimize the risk of breaches.



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