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Through IT Services in Dallas, Your Business Can Understand and Avoid Scams

IT services Dallas

You Are in a “Target-Rich” Environment

Through IT services in Dallas, you can get the bullseye off the back of your business. In modern tech, things are “target rich” from either end of the fence.

Getting the Target Off Your Back

There are cybercriminals galore, and there are unprotected businesses galore. There are targets on both sides for everybody. You need to make sure you’re not under the digital crosshairs of a cybercriminal, here we will explore how you can avoid being incidentally drawn into varying scams and becoming a “bullseye”. Consider the following:

Develop Strong Email Policies

Email policies can inhibit scams. Software can examine attachments, but your staff needs to be trained on what’s suspicious. Restrict financial authorization or transfer from email. Restrict sending or opening attachments.

Look into digital “sandboxes” where questionable files can be “detonated” safely. Carefully read addresses of sent emails, the times of day they were sent, and the level of English acumen defining content. Scam emails are often sent in the dead of night and have obvious gaffes in English, as they originate in other countries.

Understand What Phishing Is and How to Avoid It

IT services professionals in Dallas advise that you should understand and defend against phishing. Phishing is when hackers pretend they’re part of your company in order to steal information or access. A scammer might act like a company CEO, send an email in their name, and request money or info from a subordinate. Policies established in advance help you avoid this; consultation helps.

Install and Update Security Software to Filter Scam Emails

The security software you have needs to be upgraded, automatic patching tends to work, MSPs can help advise. You want software that specifically filters scam emails and which automatically updates. If you can’t automatically update, then be sure to be intentional about keeping such software current.

Ensure Data is Backed Up as Continuously as Possible

Finally, be sure you have all network data backed up in at least three separate places. Keep it backed up on-site using separate media, and have one off-site backup. That way if all else fails, you can just boot from a network image that was taken prior to the digital scam-infected operations.

Taking Measures to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

An IT services provider in Dallas like Technagy can help you develop strong email policies, understand and avoid phishing, keep security software up-to-date, and establish effective data backup strategies. Contact us today for more information.



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