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WiFi Maximization Tips and Managed IT Services in Dallas

managed IT services DallasManaged IT services providers in Dallas can help you increase how fast your WiFi is. There are quite a few different schools of thought here. Many businesses like to try and figure things out on their own, but this may not be your best option.

How to Get the Most Efficient WiFi

IT companies in Dallas can provide a number of different WiFi solutions that facilitate efficiency. Several key tactics you might look into, if you haven’t already, include the following:

IT Providers, Channels, and Bandwidth Conservation

Managed IT services providers in Dallas can give you better levels of service in terms of WiFi. The better the MSP, the better the WiFi. You’ll want to use the right provider, and put your WiFi router on the right channel. Routers have different channels. Carefully manage users and apps to conserve bandwidth for swifter operational speed.

Resting Routers and Sharing WiFi

You should sometimes turn routers off for a few seconds or minutes to let the machines cool down, then reactivate them. Give them a little rest. Also, whatever devices you can plug ethernet cables into, you should. That will share the load on the routers, reducing lag and increasing speed.

Location of Routers

Routers shouldn’t be on the floor, as their signal will bleed through to be piggy-backed. You shouldn’t put it near the ceiling for the same reason, or windows. Also, don’t put it in a closet, and don’t put it near metallic things. Put it up high but slightly below the ceiling. If almost everyone in the office can see the router without having to look around too much, you’re probably doing alright.

Boosting WiFi Through Effective Management

At Technagy, we can help you manage routers toward greatest effectiveness. Give them rest, share WiFi through ethernet cables, put routers in the right location, use the right providers, the right channels, and strategies for bandwidth conservation. These tactics will help you reduce lag, maximize speed, and enable productive operations. Get in touch with our managed IT services team in Dallas for more information.



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