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Working with a Managed IT Services Provider in Dallas to Achieve Business Continuity

managed IT services DallasBusiness continuity is what every enterprise aims for, although many take their computer networks for granted as bulletproof technology. Yet even large organizations still get hacked and lose millions of dollars. When you outsource to a managed IT services provider in Dallas your network gets inspected by pros who look for vulnerabilities to fix. They also help you set a backup and disaster recovery plan so that you know exactly what to do in an emergency.

Preparing for Business Continuity

The key to business continuity is to always have a backup plan. You never know when your neighborhood will experience a power outage that lasts for hours. Perhaps your building has a backup generator that automatically kicks in when smart sensors detect a dropout in the main power line. If not, it sure helps to have your applications and data stored in the cloud so that you can access work projects at any time from any location.

If your business hasn’t yet moved to the cloud and you don’t outsource to a managed IT services provider in Dallas, you need to consider both as modern stepping stones to success. The cloud allows your business to be more flexible and even more secure if a third-party data center applies robust cybersecurity measures. The cloud provider makes several data backups for you automatically, so it’s actually very difficult to lose data.

Moving to the Cloud

An IT provider can help you migrate to the cloud if you haven’t done so yet. Once you’re in the cloud, you’ll be able to test various software for free then subscribe to services that fit your business. The cloud will help you cut costs on both hardware and software, as well as cybersecurity. You’ll be able to offer your employees remote work and your business can operate continuously while your cloud provider runs 24/7 monitoring software to detect cyberthreats.

A multitude of software services can be found in the cloud from AI to Automation to Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) tools. When a natural or cybersecurity disaster strikes, your backup plan will already be in place and your IT team will help ensure your company maintains business continuity. Switching to a backup server until the main server is restored will ensure you’ll still have access to all your applications and files.


Protecting your precious digital assets should be a top priority. Working with IT specialists helps keep your company online nearly all the time. Contact us at Technagy to learn more about our managed IT services in Dallas and how to make your network safer. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your company goals while maintaining reliable business continuity.



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