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Avoiding Common Cybersecurity Mistakes with the Help of IT Support Experts in Dallas

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Getting IT support often helps businesses in Dallas recover in the wake of a cyberattack, but it’s better to avoid the attack altogether if possible. There are some common pitfalls businesses make, whether they be large or small. You want to avoid them.

Consistent Mistakes SMBs Make with Cybersecurity

Your business is a target because it exists, and cybercrime rivals traditional white hat tech in terms of overall economic impact year over year. If you’re on “the grid”, you’re a target. Unless your business is some backwoods barbecue joint that uses no computers and only serves locals, you’ve got a digital footprint that automated algorithmic cyber-intrusion tools will eventually target. So, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Assuming Invisibility: No Business is Too Small to Be a Target
  • Misdiagnosing the Issue: Businesses Need Comprehensive Cybersecurity
  • Unproductive Expedience: Pen Tests Too Soon, Unknown Standards, Add-On Security

Assuming Invisibility: No Business is Too Small to Be a Target

There are no targets too small. Cybercrime even targets individuals. Small businesses are juicy targets because they seldom have robust enough security to rebuff something like a ransomware hack and will be forced to pay the ransom. It doesn’t matter your size. You’re a target by predators in the digital jungle. Even a tiger eats a rabbit now and again. Exercise digital caution and security accordingly.

Misdiagnosing the Issue: Businesses Need Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Another piece of advice from businesses providing IT support in Dallas is to keep from assuming cybersecurity is merely an “IT” issue. It’s an issue for the whole company; from visitors on-site to late-night custodial staff. Everybody needs to be operating within proper security protocols. Compartmentalize networks, have Wi-Fi that differs for guests from what workers use, and the list goes on. From secretaries to salespeople, everybody needs to be operating under a security mindset.

Unproductive Expedience: Pen Tests Too Soon, Unknown Standards, Add-On Security

Don’t just tack on cybersecurity to whatever you already have. You need to revamp security at intervals to reflect technological innovations defining the industry. Each revamp should include written standards, and only afterward should you do penetration tests (or pen tests) to determine overall effectiveness.

More Robust Cybersecurity for Your Business

Technagy provides IT support services in Dallas that can help you avoid common pitfalls of cybersecurity. A few key things you can do is secure the premises regardless of your operation’s size, be sure to exercise cybersecurity best practices across the surface area of your business, design tangible standards, construct security specifically for your needs, and only do penetration tests after you’ve put together something worth testing. Get in touch to learn more about our IT services.



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